How to Access iMessage Apps on iPhone [iOS 17]

Access iMessage Apps in iOS 17 on iPhone

Every year, Apple holds the highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This annual event brings the latest operating system updates for all Apple devices and the rise of the tech giant in the world of technology. This year, with the release of the iOS 17 update, Apple has added some interesting features to the Messages app, making it more organized and attractive. One such feature is iMessage apps.

I’ll explain how you can access iMessage apps, and where the major changes have been made. Previously, all iMessage apps were displayed right in front of you in the bottom bar. But now, Apple has moved all these apps to an easily accessible app drawer from the chat screen. This step may seem counterintuitive at first, as the apps are no longer in live view, but viewed from a user interface perspective, which makes a refreshing change by reducing clutter.

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What are iMessage Apps?

iMessage app is a kind of app store included in iMessage, which allows users to not only send text messages but through which you can make your conversion attractive and lively. With it, you can send photos, videos, voice notes, chat in large groups, and much more. iMessage apps were first introduced as part of the iOS 11 update in 2017 and have since evolved to offer a variety of standalone iMessage apps and games.

iMessage Apps iOS 16 Vs iOS 17

Benefits of iMessage Apps

  • Seamless Communication: With iMessage apps, you can easily send texts, share photos, videos, or voice notes to other iMessage users. This feature eliminates the need for multiple apps, as you can do everything from a single platform.
  • Interactive Features: iMessage apps make messaging fun. They allow users to interact with fun stickers, play games, send animated effects, and even send hand-drawn messages. You can also share your location, send money with Apple Pay, and more.
  • User-friendly interface: With the iOS 17 update, iMessage has been unpacked and organized in the app drawer for easier access. This enhances the user experience by making the interface more modern and less cluttered.
  • Application Integration: Many popular applications have versions of iMessage. These features allow users to perform main app functions within the Messages app, such as booking a ride with Uber, booking a restaurant with OpenTable, or browsing movie times with Fandango.
  • Personalization: With these apps, you can personalize your messages with Memojis and Animojis. You can also use themed stickers and GIFs to express yourself better.

Uses of iMessage Apps

How to Access iMessage Apps on iPhone

You can use your iMessage apps anytime by following this intuitive process:

  • Open the Messages app from the home screen or app library.
Access iMessage Apps on iPhone 1
  • Navigate to a chat thread or start a new chat or conversation.
Access iMessage Apps on iPhone 2
  • In the chat screen, tap on the ‘+’ icon in the left corner next to the message writing box.
Access iMessage Apps on iPhone 3
  • Here will appear a list of all the iMessage apps installed on your iPhone. Tap “More” or swipe up to see additional apps.
Access iMessage Apps on iPhone 4
  • Then click on “Store” to install a new app, and find the app you want to download and install.
Access iMessage Apps on iPhone 5
  • Now you can directly go to your app store to access them and install the apps you need.
Access iMessage Apps on iPhone 6

This apps feature is not new in iOS 17, but it has been launched with a new design (drawer style). Because it not only declutters the chat screen but also gives it a more modern look and feel.

How to Browse and Download iMessage Apps

Discovering and installing new iMessage apps is a straightforward process:

  • In a Messages conversation, tap on the ‘+’ icon in the left corner next to the message writing box.
  • Here will appear a list of all the apps installed on your iPhone. Tap “More” or swipe up to see additional apps.
  • Tap the Store button to open the App Store for iMessage.
  • Tap on an app to view details and reviews, then tap the price to purchase the app or tap “Get” to download a free app.

The app purchased by you here will be paid for using the method associated with your Apple ID.


Downloading and using iMessage apps adds a new dimension to your iPhone messaging experience. From playing games to sending cute stickers, it provides unlimited fun experience. Apple’s change to the design of the app drawer in iOS 17 provides a welcome decision and update to the Messages app. Which you can access through the steps mentioned here.


Is there a limit to the number of apps that can be install in iMessage?

There is no specific limit set by Apple on the number of iMessage apps you can install. However, keep in mind that more apps can take up more storage space on your device.

Can I share my iMessage apps with other users?

You cannot directly share iMessage apps. However, you can encourage other users to download the same apps from the App Store for iMessage.

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