How to Access Recently Used Apps on Apple Watch [watchOS 10]

How to Access Recently Used Apps on Apple Watch

Struggling to find your recently used apps on Apple Watch after the watchOS 10 update? Don’t fret! Apple’s latest update changed how we interact with the device, but accessing your recent apps is still possible. Read this article to learn the simple steps to find your recently used apps on your Apple Watch.

The release of watchOS 10 brought significant changes to the Apple Watch interface, including how to access recently used apps. If you’ve found yourself unable to locate this feature, you’re not alone. Dive into our guide to quickly navigate the new layout.

What are Recently Used Apps on Apple Watch?

The “Recently Used Apps” on Apple Watch is a handy feature that shows the apps you’ve used lately. It’s like a shortcut, letting you switch between apps without hunting them down on the home screen. Think of it as your Apple Watch’s way of keeping your most-used tools right at your fingertips. In watchOS 10, the way to access this changed, but the feature’s still there.

Recently Used Apps on Apple Watch


The Apple Watch Recently Used Apps feature comes with several benefits:

  • Quick Access: Jump back to apps you were recently using.
  • Efficiency: Save time in navigation and multitasking.
  • User-Friendly: Enhance navigation with intuitive access.
  • Battery Saving: Potentially reduce battery usage.
  • Customization: Tailor the feature to your specific needs.

Access Recently Used Apps in watchOS 10

Apple’s watchOS 10 puts a big focus on the Digital Crown, turning it into a key tool for navigating your Apple Watch. The side button now opens Control Center, so here’s how to find your recently used app:

  • Open the Dock: Double-press the Digital Crown (side button now opens Control Center.)
  • Scroll Through Apps: Use the Digital Crown or swipe (Swipe up or down) to scroll.
  • Open an App: Just tap on it.
  • Close an App: Swipe left on it and tap the “x.”
  • Close the Dock: Again press the Digital Crown once.
Access Recently Used Apps in watchOS 10

Note: Please note that you can only access the last 10 recently used apps.


How do I close apps on watchOS 10?

Closing apps on watchOS 10 is straightforward. To do this: Double-press Digital Crown > scroll to app > swipe left > tap “x”.

Wrapping Up

Apple’s watchOS 10 shook things up, making the Digital Crown your go-to for navigating recently used apps. No sweat, though – just double-press the crown, and you’re in business. This guide breaks down the how-to, so you can keep rocking your Apple Watch like a pro. It’s all about keeping things quick and easy!