How to Add Widgets on Smart Stacks in Apple Watch [watchOS 10]

Add Widgets on Smart Stack in Apple Watch

With the release of watchOS 10, Apple has transformed how we interact with our Apple Watch, opening new vistas of digital functionality and convenience. Among the changes that have excited users the most is the use of widgets in the Apple Watch through a feature called Smart Stacks. Let’s explore this innovation and learn how to maximize its potential.

This exciting new development announced by Apple during WWDC 2023 opens the door to a cleaner and more streamlined user interface. With this feature, you can access tons of widgets without cluttering your Apple Watch face with countless complications.

What are Smart Stacks in watchOS 10?

With watchOS 10’s advanced Smart Stacks feature, you can access and view your critical information through widgets that are hidden under the Apple Watch face. which you can reach by either spinning the digital crown on your watch display or by performing a simple swipe action. Based on the watch’s usage, time, location, and other characteristics, these intelligent stacks will rotate on their own.

Widgets on Smart Stacks in watchOS 10


Smart Stacks can be employed for several purposes:

  • Accessing a variety of widgets like Calendar, Weather, Fitness, Reminders, etc.
  • Enabling users to enjoy their favorite watch faces without additional complications.
  • Accommodating more complications without sacrificing the existing ones.
  • Providing relevant information based on time, location, and other parameters.

How to Add Widgets on Smart Stacks in watchOS 10

Adding new widgets to your Apple Watch’s Smart Stacks is easier than ever. Some widgets are automatically added after first use, but let’s see how you can add new widgets manually. Following this, these simple steps can be used to add new widgets to your Smart Stacks:

First, navigate to the Widgets screen on your Apple Watch. and Access Smart Stacks by swiping upwards on your watch face or by rotating the Digital Crown upwards. Activate the edit mode by holding down on any widget within the Smart Stacks.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 1

Click the Plus (+) icon displayed at the top of the screen in edit mode.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 2

Select the app from which you want to add a widget to your Smart Stacks. A variety of widgets will be presented to you; choose your preferred one.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 3

Note that some apps offer multiple widget options, while others only have one. Select the widget that you’d like to add, even if there’s just a single option. And just like that, it’ll be incorporated into your Smart Stacks.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 4

There’s a multi-complication widget available that can display up to 3 complications. You have the option to edit the complications that appear on this widget. If you wish to remove a complication to replace it with another, tap the “Remove (red -)” icon.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 5

Then, click on the “+” icon.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 6

From the presented list, select the complication you wish to add.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 7

Tap “Done” in the top right corner to finalize your changes.

Add widgets to Smart Stack on Apple Watch 8

Upon completing these steps, your newly chosen widget will become part of the Smart Stacks on your Apple Watch. Embrace the convenience and personalization that watchOS 10 offers and enjoy an enhanced Apple Watch experience.

How Will Widgets Work in Apple Watch?

With Smart Stacks, widgets will appear automatically based on relevance and timing, allowing for a tailored user experience. For example, the calendar widget will appear on top when a meeting is scheduled, while the timer widget will take precedence when the timer is running. Similarly, widgets will change based on time and location.

How to Pin a Widget on Smart Stacks

If you wish for a particular widget always to remain accessible, you can pin it:

  • Access Smart Stacks on your watch by swiping up on the watch face or rotating the Digital Crown upwards.
  • Long-press the widget you want to pin to enter “Edit mode”.
  • Tap the Pin icon on the right side of the widget (which you want to pin).
Pin a Widget on Smart Stack

How to Remove Widgets from the Smart Stacks

Widgets can be easily removed from the Smart Stacks:

  • Open Widgets on your Apple Watch and tap and hold a Widget.
  • Tap the “red Minus (-) icon” on the upper-right corner of the widget to remove it.
  • Tap Done once you remove unwanted widgets
Remove Widgets from the Smart Stack

How to Change the Order of Widgets on Smart Stacks

The order of widgets can be adjusted as per user preference:

  • Open Smart Stacks on your Apple watch.
  • Long-press any widget, then drag it to your desired position.
  • Tap “Done” to finish editing.
Change the Order of Widgets on Smart Stack


WatchOS 10’s Smart Stacks offer a powerful and efficient way to access vital information while preserving the aesthetics of your Apple Watch face. By integrating widgets into Smart Stacks, Apple has made a significant leap in watch functionality and user convenience.

The Smart Stacks feature in watchOS 10 is a fantastic addition to the Apple Watch, enhancing its usability and convenience. With the ability to add, remove, pin, and reorder widgets, users have a greater degree of personalization and control over their watch face. Start exploring this new feature today and enjoy a more streamlined and personalized Apple Watch experience!

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