Advantages of VPS hosting over Shared hosting

Advantages of VPS hosting over Shared hosting

The best hosting server for your website is the main factor determining the success of a business. A server can store your dynamic and static sites and all data in one powerful computer. When someone visits your website, the powerful computer “Serves it up” your store data to the user screen. 

Good hosting convert your traffic into sales or earn more revenue. Ultimate ways to higher ranking, super fast speed, and without down server you need the best hosting server. Read More How to install VLC Player on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

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What is VPS Hosting?

Now the first thing you should understand is what VPS hosting is. VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is basically a subcategory of hosting that allows you to have your own virtual private server on a network or in a data center.

What this basically means is that you will have your own chunk of the data center where you can install your own operating system (OS) and run your own server which is entirely virtual. 

How Does A VPS Work

Think of it as having your own computer and running a server off except, that computer which you’re running the server off isn’t actually a physical computer but instead is entirely virtual. it’s basically a virtual machine but it’s specifically for servers so it is a virtual private server. 

Advantages of VPS hosting over Shared hosting

Here is a breakdown of the difference between VPS hosting over shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS is providing a virtual technology, which allows you to store powerful server data in different virtual locations. It’s very cheap in price compared to Shared and Dedicated hostings. You can control everything which you want, like increasing the server RAM, storage, CPU and etc. VPS handles millions of traffic without server load and runs smoothly. 

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting has some disadvantages. For running a VPS hosting you need to have proper knowledge of coding and data management. Most VPS-providing companies are not providing Contact support, so whenever your are fail to run a server, no anyone can help you. So we strongly recommend you can use Cloudways Manage cloud server. 

Shared Hosting

Most commonly every new blogger started their carrier with shared hosting which yearly plans. Basically, it’s a big data center where so many files and data are stored. But mainly difference over VPS is it’s shared publicly so you don’t have control over it. 

How Does A Shared Hosting Works

It’s available in packages like Fixed RAM, CPU, and Storage. For starting the journey of blogging that helps you to manage other works and easily to the installation process. Most commonly Shared hosting providers are GoDaddy, Namecheap, A2 hosting, and Hostinger

Shared hosting has some disadvantages. It can’t be handled higher traffic, after a certain time the space is full and your website runs slowly (Which affects your ranking). CPU is throttle when you are using heavy elements in your WordPress sites.