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Android Home Screen Setup 2020 | Part 2

One of the best things about Android Devices is how flexible its interface is customizing your home screen setup and change your device’s new stunning look.

There are multiple apps and Widgets that help to customize the Android Home screen easily. These days KWGT widget-maker is excelling as the best customization app on the Android platform. It supports various add ons and skins from third-party apps that help to enrich the Android Home screen with various useful widgets.

Here I am using some Apps like Nova Launcher, KWGT Widgets, and some icon packs for change your HomeScreen Layout. All the best links are attached here so download its recommended.

Note: You may need to download some third-party apps, skins, wallpapers, or setups to get the exact look on your Android home screen.

How to Customized this Android Setup Please check out this Tutorial Video

preview of Android HomeScreen Setup Part 2 by TechRush

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Download All Files For Home Screen Setup

Nova Launcher (Download)

KWGT Widget App (Download)

Minty Icons Free App (Download)

Thanks Mr.Techyskullz For this Amazing Setup

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