How to Install MTZ Themes On MIUI 13/14

How to Apply Permanent MTZ MIUI Themes

Following the release of MIUI 11, the Xiaomi Theme store no longer supports additional MTZ themes on their platform. However, you can utilize a method, which is 100% secure and works on any Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO Phone running on MIUI 13 or MIUI 14 updates, to install permanent MTZ themes. Today, I will share with you the necessary tricks to achieve this.

How to Install MTZ Themes on MIUI

Before beginning the steps, you will need to download and install three essential files on your Xiaomi device: 1) Solid Explorer File Manager, 2) App Cloner, and 3) the latest version of the Mi Theme Store.

  • Open the App Cloner application and grant all necessary permissions.
open app cloner app on xiaomi phone
  • Click on APK Files and tap the (+) Plus icon.
go to apk files and click on + button
  • Select “From a File” and choose the Mi Theme apk v3.9.2.2.
selected from a file in App cloner
choose Themes V3.9.2.2 from file manager
  • Wait for all processes to finish, then tap “Cloning Options.”
tap on cloning options and continue
  • Enable the first “Cloning Mode” and select “Manifest,” then tap “ok.”
enable Cloning mode and select Manifest
  • After that, enable “Ignore crashes” and click “ok.”
enable Ignore crashes
  • Swipe down and enable “No Kill” before going back.
enable no kill options
  • Click the “Clone” icon.
tap on clone icon
  • Wait a few moments, then click “INSTALL APP.”
wait for cloning themes apk
Tap on Install App button after themes app was cloned
Install new clone theme store app
  • Find the original Mi Theme Store app on your home screen (the clone will have a different icon), force-stop it, and clear all data.
force stop and clear all data of old mi theme store app
  • Open the “Clone Mi Theme Store” on your Xiaomi phone.
open new mi theme store on xiaomi phone
  • Ignore the “Reboot device” warning and click “Got It.”
avoid reboot device on Mi theme store
  • Go to “My Account > Themes > Import.” In the latest version, you can import third-party MTZ themes on Xiaomi phones.
import third party theme from theme manager
third party theme was imported
  • The next step is to tweak some hidden settings using Solid File Explorer. Open the app and navigate to Android > Data and search for Theme Manager.
open solid explore and open data folder
  • Long press on “” and delete the folder.
delete folder
  • After that, rename the other theme folder from “” to “”
rename theme manager folders name
  • The final step is to open the original Mi Theme Store and go to Profile > Themes > MIUI Theme.
open old theme manager and check latest mtz themes
  • Click “Apply” to set Permanent MTZ MIUI Themes on your Xiaomi phone.
apply mtz theme on xiaomi phoens

Although this is a complicated trick, it works on all Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO Phones running on MIUI 12, 13, and 14. Check out the video tutorial guide below for more information on Permanent MTZ themes.

Download Links

File NameDownload Link
Solid Explorer File ManagerLink
App ClonerLink
Mi Theme Store V3.9.9.2Link
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