How to Catch Up Text in iMessage on iPhone [iOS 17]

How to Catch Up Text in iMessage on iPhone

iOS 17 Update, announced at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023, brings with it many new features and improvements, especially regarding communication. Among these enhancements, Audio Message Transcriptions and Catch Up Text are exciting updates to iMessage, which users rely on for daily chats and group messaging apps to communicate.

One particular upgrade the Catch Up feature in iMessage caught people’s attention for its user-friendly convenience and its potential to revolutionize the way group chats are interacted with. Here’s how this new feature works and how to start using it.

Quick Overview

iOS 17’s new Catch Up Text feature for iMessage streamlines group chats. By opening a chat, iMessage displays the latest message. Tapping the catch-up arrow will take you back to where you left off, with the first unread message highlighted for convenience. This feature enhances the usability of iMessage, making it more competitive with other messaging platforms.

What is Catch Up Text in iMessage?

Apple’s iMessage has long been praised for its seamless integration with Apple devices, but it often lags behind third-party messaging apps when it comes to organizing and managing chats in busy groups. With the introduction of the Catch Up Text feature, Apple aims to change that and speed up group conversations.

Catch Up Text in iMessage on iOS 17

Catch Up in iMessage is a function that helps users quickly navigate to read unread messages in a group chat. If you’ve ever struggled with scrolling to get back to missed messages or find where you last left off. With this feature, Apple is simplifying this process.

How Does Catch Up in iMessage Work?

Here’s how the Catch Up feature in iMessage works:

  • When you launch an iMessage chat, it will open to the latest message instead of where you left off.
  • When you tap the catch-up arrow, iMessage will automatically scroll to the point in the conversation where the unread message begins.
  • It will highlight the first unread message, so you can enjoy the conversation without missing any of your old messages.

This new feature streamlines the process of catching up on missed messages and provides a more streamlined user experience, especially in busy group chats. This is a significant growth for Apple as they continue to improve their native messaging app and compete with third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

How to Use Catch Up Text in iMessage on iOS 17

Now that you know what the Catch Up feature is and how it works, let’s learn how to use this feature and take advantage of this feature on your iPhone today:

Open a chat: Open a group chat or a one-on-one chat with unread messages.

Use Catch Up Text in iMessage on iOS 17 1

Look for the Catch-Up Arrow: You’ll see an upward arrow in the upper right corner of your screen. This is a catch-up arrow.

Use Catch Up Text in iMessage on iOS 17 2

Tap an arrow: By tapping this arrow, iMessage will automatically scroll to the point in the conversation where the unread message begins. The first unread message will be highlighted, so you don’t miss any important messages.

Use Catch Up Text in iMessage on iOS 17 3

By using the catch-up feature, you can jump back into a conversation without having to scroll or guess where you left off, making it a great tool for group chats when more than one message is often being exchanged at a time.


With the iOS 17 update, Apple promises to make its native communication tool more user-friendly and robust, with features like Catch Up Text in iMessage. By facilitating a seamless and intuitive messaging experience, Apple’s aim is clear – to make its Messages platform as convenient and efficient as any other high-end messaging application.

Remember, the catch-up feature isn’t just for catching up. It’s about helping you better manage your conversations and enjoy a more organized, less stressful messaging experience. So, get ready to upgrade to iOS 17 and get the most out of your iMessage interactions!


How do I use the Catch Up feature in iMessage on iOS 17?

To use the Catch Up feature, first, open a group chat with unread messages. Next, find the Catch Up arrow at the top right corner of your screen. Tap on this arrow, and iMessage will scroll up to the point where the unread messages begin.

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