How to Change Default Apple Pay Card on Mac

Apple Pay makes online transactions simple on your Mac, provided you have a MacBook or a Magic Keyboard with TouchID. With this setup, you can quickly change default Apple Pay card in your Wallet, making online shopping easier.

In this post, we will guide you through the simple steps to change default Apple Pay card on your Mac. Whether you’re adding a new card or switching to another, this guide will ensure your preferred card is always at the forefront of your transactions.

Add a New Card to Apple Pay on a Mac

Haven’t added your desired card to Apple Pay on your Mac yet? No worries. Follow these simple steps to get it done, paving the way for smoother online transactions.

  • Navigate to System Preferences, and select “Wallet & Apple Pay“.
Tap on Wallet and Apple Pay on Apple Mac
  • Click on “Add Card” to initiate the process of adding a new card.
Tap on Add Card to Add Card in Apple Pay on Mac
  • You might be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password for verification.
  • Input the card’s details manually or employ your Mac’s camera for automatic information capture.
Enter Card Details and tap on Next

Change Default Apple Pay card on Mac

Changing your default Apple Pay card on your Mac is a breeze. It’s a quick tweak for smoother online checkout, especially when juggling multiple cards. Here’s how:

  • Access System Preferences and then navigate to “Wallet & Apple Pay“.
  • In the Payment Details section, locate the Default Card listing.
  • Click on the double-arrows to expand a menu displaying all your Apple Pay cards.
  • Select a new default card from the list to make it your go-to payment option for quicker and more convenient online shopping.
Change Default Apple Pay card on Mac

Remove a card from Apple Pay on Mac

If a card in Apple Pay on your Mac has become obsolete, removing it is wise. It’s a step towards a tidy digital wallet, ensuring only current cards are in play.

  • Launch System Preferences and click on “Wallet & Apple Pay“.
open System Preferences and tap on wallet and Apple Pay
  • Select the card you wish to remove.
Choose your Card in Apple Pay on Mac
  • A new sub-window will appear displaying the card’s details. Tap on the Minus (-) button.
Tap on minus button to remove card from Apple Pay on Mac
  • Click on “Delete” in the pop-up menu.
Tap on Delete to remove Card from Apple Pay on mac

Manage Your Card…

That’s it! With these simple steps, managing your Apple Pay cards on your Mac is straightforward and quick. Whether adding, removing, or changing your default card, you now have the knowledge to keep your digital wallet organized and your online transactions smooth.

Mastering how to Change Default Apple Pay Card is just one of the many ways to optimize your online shopping experience.

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