How to change iOS 16 Notifications Display Mode

How to change iOS 16 Notifications Display Mode

If you are looking to change the notifications display for your iPhone, this article is for you. If you’re not satisfied with the new iOS 16 notifications style placed at the bottom of your phone screen, check out this complete guide to changing the notification display on your iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

People are downloading iOS 16 now. Apple has completely redesigned its lock screen after many years. Multiple lock screens are now available. Additionally, you can customize the lock screen by changing the look of the clock and adding widgets to its sides. Apple has introduced a new aesthetic wallpaper effect called the Depth Effect that places the subject of the picture in front of the watch with artistic precision.

Change iOS 16 notifications display mode

  • Bottom-Up Design notification
  • Add some Customization options (Count, Stack, and list)
  • Tidbit option
  • “Classic” lock screen option

Bottom-Up Design notification

As part of iOS 16’s bottom-up notification design, Apple claims the Lock Screen will be less cluttered. It is intended to allow you to see more of your wallpaper if you move notifications to the bottom. Especially for iOS 16, which includes new Lock Screen customization options such as widgets, depth effect wallpapers, and live wallpapers, this is particularly important.

When you update to iOS 16, your Lock Screen notification will automatically appear at the bottom. By swiping up, you can see more notifications, delete them, tap on them, and manage notifications per app.

Add some Customization options (Count, Stack, and list)

With iOS 16, Apple added new options for customizing notifications on top of these changes. The Settings app offers three different notification options under “Notifications.” You can customize how notifications appear on your Lock Screen by choosing one of these options.

  • Count
  • Stack
  • List

Tidbit & Classic lock screen option

In addition, you can also temporarily enable “Count” on your Lock Screen by dragging downwards on notifications; this will minimize the notifications and only display the number. It is not possible to change where the notifications appear. In iOS 16, you can’t revert to the “classic” notifications design.

How to change the notifications display Setting?

As a default, iOS 16 presents the newly added notifications as a stack at the bottom of the screen. By tapping the stack or swiping up, you can see all the newly-added notifications that have accumulated.

The lock screen notifications are completely hidden when you swipe down on this stack. The number ‘N Notifications‘ instead appears at the bottom of the screen. The notification style can be changed in the settings.

  • To turn on notifications, open the Settings app.
  • Tap the Notifications option.
  • Now you can settings of notifications and set the different styles of notification.
change ios 16 notifications on iPhone

Count: Shows how many unread notifications there are on the Lock Screen instead of a notification. A full list of your notifications can be viewed by swiping up.

count notification style

Stack: The Stack option allows you to stack all notifications from individual apps. Each app has its own notification group on your Lock Screen and in the Notification Center.

stack notification style

List: There is a traditional iOS system for notifications from previous years called a list. Swiping up from the bottom of the Lock Screen will show a list of all your notifications.

list notification style

That’s It. We assume that you like this new Display Notification Mode for your iPhone and change to a new look. iPhone 14 Pro’s new wallpaper and the dynamic island is very amazing features introduce this year by Apple.

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