Dark mode of miui 10 part 2

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  1. Dark Mode of Miui 10 | part 2
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Dark Mode of Miui 10 | part 2

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Hello Xiaomi Fans,

So dark mode is most amazing function in the xiaomi phones and it has very expensive functions are there which are not available in any other android device. So today i will give one theme for all xiaomi user which have runs on MiUi 10  their are download this themes and customise into dark mode.

If you are using any xiaomi phone so you can use this theme without unlocking bootloader or without root. So it is most amazing parameter, if you are customise your smartphone so it is helpful to you. because it’s mind blowing function . if you facing any problem so please in comment box give your problem i will reply you, other wise you can directly send your MESSAGE on our instagram account (MiUi10). i hope you are watching my video and like it, if you don’t like and subscribe my channel so please subscribe my channel (TechRush) and like this video.

So thank you for visit my channel and video. Here i will given this theme link, and one thing i am not a owner or developer of this applications so if any kind of problems are occurs so please i am not a responsible for this, but don’t worry not any kind of problem are generated. Here i will given all links are free (5 Second Ads) its totally free and helps to other.

For more video you can check it out our this video here you can get all idea about miui 10 themes , tricks , trips and many more so click on the Red text. All MiUi 10 Updates

Thank You Guize

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