iOS 17: How to Delete Mental Wellbeing Data on iPhone

Delete Mental Wellbeing Data on iPhone in iOS 17

Over the last few years, Apple has zeroed in on health features for their devices. With the iOS 17 update, they have overhauled the Apple Health app and introduced a slew of new features pertaining to mental health. With this, you can also store your Mental Wellbeing data for future reference.

This update primarily targets the “State of Mind” feature, which is depicted or determined by manually logging daily moods. Some users are frustrated that after engaging with this feature, they can’t erase or delete their Mental Wellbeing Data. If you’re facing the same issue, just follow these straightforward steps.

What is Mental Wellbeing and Why Do You Erase the Data?

Mental wellbeing refers to a state where a person recognizes their capabilities, handles everyday life stresses, works efficiently and effectively, and contributes positively to their community. Your decision to keep or delete this data is a personal one.

  • Mental Wellbeing data can be highly private, and you might not wish to share it with others.
  • If tracking your mental wellbeing doesn’t feel beneficial, you may decide to erase the data.
  • Some nations, like the European Union (EU), the United States, Canada, and others, have regulations requiring personal data deletion after a specific time frame. This may apply to you if you live in one of these jurisdictions.

Delete Mental Wellbeing Data in the Health App

If you’re familiar with the State of Mind feature and you manually log your data, it gets saved in your Health App. So, let’s clear your Mental Wellbeing Data from the Health App and begin fresh. Here’s how:

  • Open the Health app on your iPhone and tap the “Browse” tab in the bottom right corner.
Tap on Browse in Apple Health App
  • Choose or select “Mental Wellbeing.”
Tap on Mental wellbeing to Delete Data
  • If you have used “State of Mind,” tap on it.
Click on State of Mind
  • Scroll down to the end and click on “Show all Data” under the Options section.
Tap on Show All Data
  • You can now see all your logged health app data. Swipe left on the data you wish to delete. You can delete the entries one by one.
Swipe left side to Delete Mental Wellbeing Data
  • To delete all data at once, click on the “Edit” option at the top right corner, and on the next page tap the red minus (-) button next to the saved data.
Tap on Edit and then click on minus button
  • After following either method, tap the “Delete” option to remove your selected data.
Tap on delete button to Delete Mental Wellbeing Data

Secure Your Health Data…

That’s all there is to it! Using the method above, you can erase your Mental Wellbeing data and manage the logged State of Mind information in the default Health app. We believe you’re now well-equipped to manage your health app data and safeguard your personal privacy. If you have any questions regarding mental wellbeing, feel free to comment below.

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