Hello Dosto, If your are bore while using typical Theme and normal home screen setup, than I will provide most awaited Anime Demon Slayer Home Screen Setup . Check full post or video to how to setup and how to customized your device.

We are using some theme for change icon pack, phone dialer, setting UI and control center as well as Home screen and lock screen. Check below preview images for tutorial of this setup ideas.

Note: You may need to download some third-party apps, skins, wallpapers, or setups to get the exact look on your Android home screen.

demon slayer Home Screen Setup Preview

Demon Slayer lock screen setup
Demon Slayer Home Screen Setup For Xiaomi Phones || Anime Setup
Demon Slayer home screen setup
Demon Slayer Home Screen Setup For Xiaomi Phones || Anime Setup

Download All Files For Home Screen Setup

System Theme (Fussion SRXUi)Download
icon pack theme (Jason v12) Download
KWGT Widgets Pro and Free Download 1 | Download 2 | Download 3
Xena KWGTDownload
Google Drive WallpaperLive Wallpaper | Lock Screen Wallpaper

How to setup demon slayer Home Screen to get this Customization

  1. Download and Apply Fussion SRXUi theme on All settings, Home Screen, Lock screen and system.
  2. Use Jason V12 theme for iCon pack and download KWGT and Xena KWGT widgets from playstore.
  3. Download both wallpaper from above the link and Apply Live wallpaper on Home Screen and second on lock screen.
  4. Apply widgets show in preview and change the clock color according to your choice.
  5. Now your setup is ready to use.