Does Culver’s Take Apple Pay in 2024

Does Culver's Take Apple Pay

Culver’s is a renowned American fast-casual restaurant chain, famous for its ButterBurgers, frozen custard, and cheese curds. If you’re wondering whether you can pay with Apple Pay at Culver’s, especially if you’re planning to enjoy their Butter Burger and Cheese Curds, you’ve come to the right place for information.

Culver’s, founded in 1984, has over 930 locations, primarily in the Midwestern United States. In this blog post, I’ll inform you about whether Culver’s Take Apple Pay and what other payment methods are available.

Does Culver’s Take Apple Pay?

Yes, some Culver’s restaurants accept Apple Pay, but only at select locations. This means not every location, and their drive-thru services, may not accept Apple Pay. To check if your nearest Culver’s accepts Apple Pay, you can:

Using Apple Maps

To check if a nearby Culver’s restaurant accepts Apple Pay, follow these steps:

  • Open Apple Maps on your iPhone and search for your nearest Culver’s restaurant location.
  • Tap on the restaurant’s name to view its details.
  • Scroll down to the information section. Look for the Apple Pay contactless payment symbol.
  • If you see this symbol, it means you can use Apple Pay for payment at that location.
Contactless Payments Symbol on Apple Maps

Note: If the symbol is not displayed, it indicates that Apple Pay is not accepted there, and you may need to find another restaurant.

Visit the Location

If you’re not using Apple Maps, you can directly visit the restaurant and ask the staff or look for the contactless payment symbol at the payment terminal.

How to Use Apple Pay at Culver’s Restaurant

Once you’ve confirmed that the Culver’s take Apple Pay, here’s how you can use it after purchasing your burger and other frozen food:

Paying with Apple Pay Using an iPhone

If you’re paying with your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • At the payment terminal, select the contactless payment option on the card reader.
  • Launch the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone.
  • Enter your passcode, or use Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate.
  • Hold the top of your iPhone near the card reader. When your payment is complete, a green checkmark will appear on your iPhone screen.
Payment is done using Apple Card

Paying with Apple Pay Using an Apple Watch

If you’re using an Apple Watch, here’s what to do:

  • At the payment terminal, select the contactless payment option on the card reader.
  • Press the side button on your Apple Watch twice.
  • Your default card will appear. If you wish to change a different card, scroll down and select another one.
  • Hold the screen of your Apple Watch close to the card reader. Once the payment is done, your watch screen will light up and you’ll hear a beep.
Use Apple Pay in Apple Watch to make payments

Other Payment Methods Accepted at Culver’s

If a Culver’s location does not accept Apple Pay or if it’s not functioning, you have several other payment options:

  • Cash: This is the most traditional and widely accepted method for paying your order.
  • Debit/Credit Cards: The majority of bank cards are accepted for direct payment.
  • Wire Transfer: Some Culver’s locations may accept wire transfers. However, you should confirm this with the local restaurant first.
  • Cheque: Available only at certain locations, so it’s important to confirm this payment method before using it.

Note: Remember, the available payment options vary based on the location.

Wrap Up…

In conclusion, while Culver’s accepts Apple Pay at some in-restaurant locations, it’s not universally available, particularly not at drive-thrus. They also do not accept other payment methods like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. Remember to check your payment options before you visit.

If you have any questions about Culver’s payment methods, feel free to comment below. I’m here to help!