Don’t use Slice Payment: Google warns the user

Don't use Slice Payment_ Google warns the user

Slice Payment App: Fintech’s Slice app is now in trouble due to Google’s warnings to all users. The Google Playstore Slice payment attempts to obtain the user’s personal information, credit card details, and other information.

This app has been identified as a malicious app due to personal data spying. The Google Play Store sent a warning notice that “a piece may put your device at risk.” Read More Top 3 US Instant Loan Apps for 2022 | Withdraw $100 – $500 instantly

slice payment

When the user clicks on the notification, they will be redirected to Google Play to protect the page. The Play Store warns that this malicious application seeks to spy on personal data such as slide messages, photos, audio, and call history. This prompts users to uninstall the app.

Slice Payment App replies

Slice confirmed this issue on Twitter after Google’s warnings. The unwanted problem arose from a technical error.

Yesterday evening—our Android update led to a risk message from playstore. We investigated it and fixed the issue in 4 hours 1% of app users are still on the previous version. If you’re seeing this issue, we would request you to uninstall and reinstall your app ASAP


After this release, a new update of slice app is available and the user makes sure to reinstall the latest version. The Reserve Bank of India recently banned non-bank prepaid tools (PPIs) such as wallets and prepaid cards from loading lines of credit on their platforms.