Xiaomi MIUI Security App Latest Version Download [V7.2.3]

MIUI Security App

Xiaomi regularly updates its system app which is pre-installed on all Mi phones. But here the new update of the Xiaomi Security App has been released and the version of this APK is V7.2.3-221015.0.1. These new updates come with some new security-enhanced features and also fix some bugs in the previous updates.

This new app update can protect your device from unwanted malware, viruses, etc. Also, check How to enable Voice Shutter camera features in Xiaomi smartphones?

Xiaomi MIUI 13 Security app update download

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MIUI Security app latest version download

[18th October]

V7.2.3-221015.0.1ChinaDownload Link

[04th October]

V7.1.0-220901.1.2GlobalDownload Link

[29th September]

V7.1.8-220921.0.1ChinaDownload Link

[15th September]

V7.0.4-220913.1.2GlobalDownload Link
V7.0.3-220909.1.2GlobalDownload Link
V7.0.2-220902.1.2GlobalDownload Link

[3rd September]

Recently two new security updates were released in Global and China ROMs. Released versions V7.0.1-220901.1.2 and V7.1.4-220826.0.1 are available for China and Global ROM respectively. Both patches have fixed previous bugs and improved device performance.

V7.1.4-220826.0.1ChinaDownload Link
V7.0.1-220901.1.2GlobalDownload Link

[17th August]

Two new security update has been released for Global and China ROMs. V7.1.2-220812.0.1 is available for the chines beta update and V7.1.0-220801.1.1 is available for Global devices. Both patches come with improved device performance and system performance.

V7.1.2-220812.0.1ChinaDownload Link
V7.1.0-220801.1.1GlobalDownload Link

[10th August]

The new beta build comes with a new security patch V7.1.1-220805.0.1. All previous bugs and errors are fixed in this patch you can download this update here.

[03rd August]

MIUI China Security App Update V7.0.9-220726.0.1 has been available to download in Global ROM. Click here and optimize your device performance.

[27th July]

In the past week, two times Mi security update was released in the beta version. The latest china security app fixed some known issues and performance experience optimization same this as well. We recommended to you don’t need to install this time, wait for next August month’s path updates. Download V7.0.8-220725.0.1 here.

[25th July]

Do you know Xiaomi MIUI 14 was ready to launch? Yes, the latest Chinese beta builds come with MIUI 14 features and many system app updates. Mi Security was also updated to the latest version V7.0.7-220719.0.1. After installing this app version you can enable Anti-fraud protection on your device. You can download this MIUI 14 Security app here.


[13th July]

A new public beta update rolling out in china whose version is 22.7.11. And security apk patch was released with V7.0.4-220708.0.1. If you don’t get any bugs in the previous V7.0.3 then no need to install these updates. But you can also upgrade from here.

[05th July]

Recently, Xiaomi started rolling out a new camera app, security app, and many other system application updates. Security V7.0.3-220630.0.1 was released on 5th July with bug fixes. You can download the latest version from here.

[29th June]

The latest version V6.3.4-220623.0.1 has been released in Chinese beta update 22.6.27. No major changes were found in this patch, so there is no need to upgrade it. You can download it from here.

[22nd June]

As we mentioned in our post, the latest weekly beta has been released in China with new security app updates. No major or minor changes have been noticed in the firmware so you can neglect this update and use the older version if there are no bugs.

The build number of the latest Mi Security app is V6.3.3-220616.0.1 and released on 22nd June. Download the latest apk from here.

[16th June]

In the Chinese Beta 22.6.15 update, Xiaomi’s new security app was released. The build number of this firmware is V6.3.2-220614.0.1. In this update, the New Bubble notification was shown In hidden settings. You can download these new app updates from here.

Bubble notification in xiaomi phones

[07th June]

As we know about that, every week china’s weekly beta update is rolled out and comes with all the latest app updates. This time again Mi Security new update we extract from MIUI 13 China Beta 22.6.6. The build number of this firmware is V6.2.9-220601.0.1. come with a 60 MB of size package. You can download the latest APK here.

[27th May]

The big Security update was released for Global users. Finally, Game Turbo 5.0 released new features and updates. You can check Game Turbo 5.0 for all details and information. The latest build number V6.2.2-220526.1.2 come with 69.1 MB.

  • Security App Update V6.2.2-220526.1.2 (Global) > Download
Xiaomi Game Turbo 5.0 Download

What’s New:

  1. New in-app Game Turbo UI
  2. New Game Turbo Icon
  3. Performance experience optimizations.

[23rd May]

Xiaomi has begun to roll out new China Security app updates with the latest build number V6.2.6-220518.0.1. According to the changelog, it fixed known issues reported by users and also optimized the performance experience at the user level.

  • Latest MIUI Security App V6.2.6-220518.0.1 (China) > Download

[18th May]

  • Latest MIUI Security App V6.2.0-220418.1.2 (China) > Download

Previous Updates:

[10th May]

  • Security App V6.2.3-220426.0.1 (China) > Download

[4th May]

  • Security App V6.1.8-220426.1.3 (Global) > Download

[21st April]

  • Security App V6.2.1-220414.0.1 (China) > Download
  • Security App V6.1.8-220328.0.1 (China) > Download

[26th March]

  • Security App V6.1.5-220318.0.1 (China) > Download

[14th March]

[9th March]

What’s New:

  1. New Game Turbo icon;
  2. Optimized in-game shortcut and Game Turbo settings UI.
  3. Added “On-Screen Comments” feature.

[3rd March]

[19th Feb]

What’s New:

  1. Added function of Press and hold the sidebar to move it in position while holding the device vertically
Xiaomi security sidebar updates

[Feb 2022]

[Jan 2022]

[Dec 2021]

What’s New:

  1. New smart toolbox to open applications from the side in the form of a floating window
  2. New front camera assistant: fill light and beautification with the front camera
  3. Now the battery temperature status shows “Cold, Normal, and Hot” instead of Celsius

[Nov 2021]

What’s New:

  • New Smart Toolbox feature added.
Smart ToolBox Xiaomi Security Update 461x1024 1

[Oct 2021]

What’s New:

  1. Automatic tasks: a new review, more practical experience.
  2. Front camera assistant: fill light and beautification with the front camera in WeChat video calls.
Xiaomi Automated Tasks

[Sep 2021]

What’s New:

  • New Toolbox UI layout.
  • Long Swiping up to open Toolbox layout.
mi security app new update download
Note: After installing this app, if you find any problem with this update, please uninstall the latest update from the Manage apps available in your phone settings.