Top 3 MIUI Themes to Enable Dynamic Island Xiaomi Phone

dynamic island miui theme download

Are you looking for the best MIUI theme to enable Dynamic Island Xiaomi smartphones? Here in this article, we are sharing the 3 best MIUI themes that enable dynamic island Xiaomi like the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro style.

Apple released iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with Dynamic Island and all Android users are trying to install them on their phones. But speaking of Xiaomi phones, many theme designers are making a free MIUI theme which helps to enable this dynamic island on Xiaomi phones.

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Dynamic Island Xiaomi MIUI Theme Download

  1. Smart Pill
  2. AP14
  3. Grumpy UI
Note: Check all miui theme settings before apply on your phones. 

1. Smart Pill

The first official Global MIUI Theme Smart Pill comes with a dynamic island feature for Xiaomi phones. Without MTZ files, you can apply this theme to any Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones. This theme is designed by “Color” and the size of this theme is only 6.5MB.

Smart Pill MIUI theme with dynamic island

You can download this theme from Theme Store and our Telegram. Just open the link on your Xiaomi store, install and apply the Smart Pill theme.

Next, you need to enable all the dynamic island features by going to Theme Store > Profile > Lock Style > Customize. Now scroll a bit and enable the Smart Charging, Smart Music, and Smart News options. Also, you can change the dynamic island X & Y position by clicking on the smart lock screen X axis tab and Y axis position tab.

How to enable dynamic island in smart pill miui theme

That’s it. Play music from the Mi Music player, lock your phone and enjoy smart island features without root or without MTZ.

2. AP 14

When Apple showed off the iPhone 14 Pro with a dynamic island at a live event, AP 14 was the first MIUI theme that went viral just 12 hours later. Fabulous! This is incredible.

AP 14 miui theme with dynamic island

The theme language is Chinese so follow all steps and enable hidden settings to run the theme smoothly. Enable all settings that the image below shows.

Enable Dynamic island in P 14 xiaomi theme

At the moment, this theme is not available in the theme store, so you need to download the MTZ files first. And scroll this page and check how to apply the MTZ theme on Xiaomi phones.

3. Grumpy UI

Xiaomi theme Grumpy UI comes with a track of live music playing on the dynamic island. When you play any music in the background and lock the device, you can see a dynamic island split with the moving music player. These themes are also available for the Chinese theme store and are not published in the global theme store. So do the applied via MTZ methods.

Grumpy UI miui theme

How to apply Dynamic Island on Xiaomi Phone?

First, download the MTZ files of MIUI themes above and follow all the steps below carefully.

  1. Download and Install “MTZ Tester” from Google Playstore.
  2. Open the MTZ Tester app and tap on Choose MTZ button.
  3. Now find out your download MTZ files and select it.
  4. After that Tap on Apply button to set this theme on your Xiaomi phones.
How to apply MTZ Dynamic Island MIUI theme on Xiaomi

So let us know which theme is your favorite by commenting below. In the near future, if another theme is registered in the theme store, I will definitely update this article and share it with you.

Note: If your device is running any MIUI ROM other than Chinese ROM, MIUI theme may reset every 2 hours. The solution is to wait for a new theme or reapply it every 2 hours.
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