How to Log State of Mind on Apple Watch and iPhone

Enable and Log State of Mind on Apple Watch in watchOS 10

With the watchOS 10 update, Apple has made it a point to prioritize both physical health and mental well-being. The introduction of the “State of Mind” feature is much more than a nod to modern self-care; it actively tracks your feelings and sensations. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to enable and log your mental state on Apple Watch, empowering you to take charge of your mental well-being.

The Apple Watch has long been a reliable device for tracking your daily fitness routine. Are you curious about how to take advantage of this innovative “State of Mind” feature? In this guide, we’ll show you all about it.

What is the State of Mind on Apple Watch?

The “State of Mind” feature in watchOS 10 lets Apple Watch users quickly and privately keep track of how they feel at any moment. By scrolling through different shapes, you can pick the one that matches your emotion, figure out what’s affecting you the most, and write down your feelings.

  • Neutral
  • Very unpleasant
  • Unpleasant
  • Slightly unpleasant
  • Slightly pleasant
  • Pleasant
  • Very pleasant
Apple Watch State of Mind features

It’s like having a friend on your wrist that helps you understand how you feel. Apple created this feature to help people think about their emotions and become stronger in handling them.

How to Enable and Use Log State of Mind in watchOS 10

  • Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to open the App Library. Find and open the Mindfulness app if your watch is running watchOS 10.
Tap on Mindfulness app on Apple watch
  • Inside the app, select the new “State of Mind” option.
Tap on State of Mind
  • If it’s your first time, tap on “Get Started“.
Tap on Get Started to State of Mind
  • Decide if you want to log how you’re feeling right now or how you’ve felt overall today.
choose any of them
  • An animation that says Neutral will appear. You can either swipe or use the Digital Crown to choose between seven options: very unpleasant, unpleasant, slightly unpleasant, neutral, slightly pleasant, pleasant, and very pleasant.
  • Tap the “checkmark” in the top right corner to select your state of mind.
Choose your State of Mind and click on right button
  • If you want, you can also pick specific emotions you’re feeling. Just tap on the check icon again when you’re done.
choose your feeling
  • You can also log what’s having the biggest impact on you if you like.
choose your biggest impace option for Apple watch
  • After logging your State of Mind, you’ll have the option to get reminders to log your feelings twice a day. If you want the reminders, tap “Enable“.
tap on Enable to enable or log State of Mind feature on Apple watch
  • If you don’t want reminders, simply press the Digital Crown or the side button to skip this step.

Follow the above steps to track your feelings with the State of Mind feature on your Apple Watch. Whether you’re feeling great or having a tough day, your watch can help you keep track of it all!

How to Enable and Use Log State of Mind in iOS 17

  • On your iPhone, open the Health app, then tap on the “Browse” option at the bottom right corner.
Open health app on iPhone
  • Once Browse is open, select the new “Mental Wellbeing” option from the list.
Tap on Mental wellbeing
  • If it’s your first time using the feature, simply tap on “Begin“.
Tap on Begin to Start Mental Wellbeing
  • You’ll have two options – how you feel right now or how you’ve felt overall today. Choose one and then tap the “next” button.
Choose your Log Emotion or Mood
  • An animation that says Neutral will pop up. Move the slider below to choose from seven options.
  • Tap the “next” button at the bottom to select how you’re feeling right now.
Choose your feeling and tap on next
  • If you want, you can select specific emotions like “happy.” This step is optional.
Describes this feeling and click on next
  • You can also log what’s impacting you the most, like “TechRushi content writing” under work. This part is optional too.
Choose your biggest impact and Tap on Done
  • After logging your State of Mind, you’ll have the option to set reminders for logging twice a day. Tap “turn on reminders” if you want them, or “Skip” if you don’t.
Click on Turn on remindars for state of mind

These instructions help you use the Mental Wellbeing feature on your iPhone. It’s an easy way to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling.

Check Your Feeling…

That’s it! Keeping track of how you feel with the State of Mind feature on your Apple Watch, or the Mental Wellbeing option on your iPhone, is like having a daily check-in with yourself. It helps you understand your emotions and can make your day a little brighter. This guide walked you through the steps, so why not give it a try? Share it with friends and family, too.