What is Browse with Bing in ChatGPT and How to Use it?

Browse with Bing feature in ChatGPT

In recent times, artificial intelligence has been growing rapidly, transforming the way we interact and communicate through Ai in the digital realm. The integration of Bing in ChatGPT, called “Browse with Bing”, is one of ChatGPT’s latest features. In this article, I will tell you about the uses of this add-on, how to enable it, and its limitations. So, let us explore this new frontier of AI technology!

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for many years, but recently we have seen significant progress in this field. OpenAI has launched a number of plugins for ChatGPT, with its most popular and well-known being “Browse with Bing”, which has now ushered in a new era of information access and accuracy for ChatGPT.

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Through these advancements, OpenAI has paved the way for a more informed and interactive AI experience. With ChatGPT and Browse with Bing, the flow of information becomes more dynamic and current, leading to a revolution in how we utilize artificial intelligence.

What is Browse with Bing in ChatGPT?

Browse with Bing is an innovative plugin added to ChatGPT Plus that gives AI access to the Internet for real-time information retrieval from the Internet. This feature can be considered a capable sidekick that helps ChatGPT to search using Bing’s search results to provide the most accurate and up-to-date answers to your queries.

Are you wondering how it works? This is a simple and straightforward process, it works just like Google Bard. When you ask a query that requires information about current data or its latest updates, the “Browse with Bing” feature comes into action. It submits a search to Bing and responds to you using subsequent results appropriately.

Browse with Bing in ChatGPT

Basic Requirement

A basic requirement to enable and use the Browse with Bing feature is a subscription to ChatGPT Plus membership.

Uses of Browse with Bing in ChatGPT

Browsing with Bing provides ChatGPT with real-time Internet access, revolutionizing the accuracy and breadth of information it can provide, and making AI an even more powerful tool. which includes the following:

  • Real-Time Information: It can search the internet and provide the latest data, thus increasing the quality and accuracy of responses.
  • Greater Accuracy: This feature increases the accuracy of information by fetching it from the internet when needed.
  • Transparency: You can see the search results returned by Bing and the sources used by ChatGPT to generate the answers, enhancing the open information retrieval process.
  • Wide Spectrum of Information: It can cover a wide range of internet data, providing comprehensive and accurate information on everything from current events to technology updates.

Limitations of Browse with Bing in ChatGPT

While browsing with Bing significantly enhances ChatGPT’s capabilities, its use is currently limited by access restrictions, usage limits, and its exclusivity for ChatGPT Plus users and new chat sessions on the GPT-4 model. which includes the following:

  • Limited Access: Currently, only ChatGPT Plus users, who pay a $20/month subscription, can browse with the Bing feature.
  • Usage Cap: There is a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours. While OpenAI has stated that they will adjust this cap based on usage patterns, the limit is still there.
  • Limited to New Chats: You can only change models in a new chat, meaning if you’re in an ongoing chat, you’ll need to start a new chat to use the “Browse with Bing” feature.
  • Exclusive to GPT-4: The Browse with Bing feature is only available with the GPT-4 model, limiting its application to this particular AI model.

How to Enable Browse with Bing Feature in ChatGPT

Enabling Bing browsing in ChatGPT is a simple process. By following the steps below in your ChatGPT Plus account, you can activate this feature and instantly increase the capabilities of your AI model.

  • Visit chat.openai.com and log into your account. In the navigation menu on the left, click the “three-dot menu” (…) next to your email id.
Enable Browser with Bing in ChatGPT 1
  • Go to “Settings”.
Enable Browser with Bing in ChatGPT 2
  • In the Settings menu, select “Beta features”.
Enable Browser with Bing Feature in ChatGPT 3
  • Here, you will find the “Browse with Bing” feature. Toggle it on to activate.
Enable Browser with Bing Feature in ChatGPT 4

How to Use Browse with Bing Feature

Browse with Bing is used to switch to this form in a new chat session. Once you select this option, you will be connected to the online form and ready to ask your question. This plugin will be enabled using Bing’s search capabilities to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Once enabled, using this feature involves a few steps:

  • Start a new chat, as the feature only works in new chats.
Use Browse with Bing Feature 1
  • Hover over the “GPT-4” tab.
Use Browse with Bing Feature 2
  • Select “Browse with Bing” from the dropdown menu.
Use Browse with Bing Feature 3
  • With this, you’re connected to the Internet model and ready to ask your question. The plugin will kick into action to provide the latest information. It also provides the website link, from where he got this information.
Use Browse with Bing Feature 4


Bing Browsing in ChatGPT has revolutionized how we interact with AI. This new feature is an important step towards making AI more accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. Despite its limitations, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence, where access to information in real-time may become a standard feature.


Is the Browse with Bing feature available for all ChatGPT users?

Currently, Browse with Bing is only available for ChatGPT Plus users, which requires a $20/month subscription.

How does Browse with Bing work?

Browse with Bing is used when a question is asked that requires current data or information outside of ChatGPT’s training set. These search results are used to provide up-to-date and relevant feedback.

Can I see the search results returned by Bing?

Yes, the entire process is transparent. You can see the search results returned by Bing and the sources used by ChatGPT to formulate its answers.