How to Enable Audio Message Transcriptions on iPhone [iOS 17]

How to Enable Audio Message Transcriptions on iPhone

The latest iOS 17 update comes with a lot of upgrades, personalization options, and innovative features, designed to enhance the user experience and convenience. One such game-changing feature introduced is Audio Message Transcriptions. All audio messages received in the Messages app will now be automatically transcribed into your language through this feature.

This new feature aims to make communication easier for users without the need to listen to audio messages. It allows viewing transcriptions for each audio message, thus making the content easier to read and understand. This feature is incredibly useful for maintaining privacy, especially in settings where it is not possible to play individual messages over the speaker.

What are Audio Message Transcriptions?

The Audio Message Transcriptions feature automatically transcribes received audio messages, enabling users to read the message content and context without having to play it out loud. It is especially beneficial when you are in a public place or a formal setting where your privacy would be violated by playing personal messages.


In previous iOS versions, users had the ability to send and receive audio messages. which can record messages and forward them to contacts for quick messaging. These messages were handy for users who couldn’t type or were too busy working. However, they did not need to be played over the speakers.

Advantages of Audio Message Transcriptions

  • Improved Privacy: Audio messages do not need to be played out loud, so privacy can be maintained in public or formal spaces.
  • Easy access: The transcription is available right below each audio message, making it easy for you to read and understand it.
  • Convenient: The feature does not need to be enabled manually, as it is enabled by default.
  • Increase productivity: Users can quickly scan and respond to the message via transcription instead of listening to the entire audio.

What is the need for audio message transcription?

Audio message transcription is a big step forward for the user in terms of accessibility and convenience. Given our fast-paced lifestyles, we don’t always have time to listen to every audio message as it comes. Transcriptions solve this problem and provide an easy way to understand a message at a glance.

How to Enable Audio Message Transcriptions

Audio message transcription is enabled by default on iPhones with iOS 17 update. So, you don’t need to enable it manually. Just after updating your device to iOS 17, all incoming audio messages will be automatically transcribed.

How to Use Audio Message Transcriptions on iPhone

Follow the steps below to use Audio Message Transcriptions on your iPhone running iOS 17:

Understand the Layout: When an audio message arrives, you’ll see the transcription available under the audio message.

Use Audio Message Transcriptions on iPhone 1

Confirm the Accuracy: In case the transcription appears inaccurate, you can play the audio message by pressing the Play icon for confirmation.

Use Audio Message Transcriptions on iPhone 2

Utilize “Raise to Listen”: If you have the “Raise to Listen” feature enabled, you can lift your device to your ear to play the audio message.

Use Audio Message Transcriptions on iPhone 3

The integration of audio message transcription in iOS 17 has made the process of receiving and responding to audio messages more efficient for those who use audio messages frequently. Remember, this feature works best when the audio message is clear. Be sure to check the audio message if the transcription doesn’t make sense or seems incomplete.

Wrap Up

iOS 17’s audio message transcriptions are a groundbreaking feature that maximizes convenience, privacy, and productivity for users. While its accuracy may vary depending on the quality and clarity of the audio message, it undeniably provides a more accessible and user-friendly experience. Follow the steps of this guide and now you can fully use this feature. Enjoy seamless conversations with the power of transcription on your iOS 17 device!


Is the transcription accurate for all audio messages?

The accuracy of the transcription can vary depending on the quality of the audio message, language, accent, and other factors.

Can I still listen to the audio messages if I wish?

Absolutely. You can choose to listen to the audio messages by pressing the Play icon or lifting your device to your ear if “Raise to Listen” is enabled.

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