How to Enable MIUI Automated Task in Xiaomi Phones?

Xiaomi recently launched new features in the latest updates of the Mi Security app in China, and this new feature was Automated Task. In the early years of MIUI updates it came in MIUI 8 security app but after some time it disappeared and now again after 4 years, Xiaomi has re-launched the new MIUI Automated tasks for all users.

In our personal life we have different schedules and plans, but most of the time we don’t remember them. So these new features are very useful for you. Now all users have Xiaomi Automated Task Manager, where you can organize various tasks based on your purpose.

Follow the guide below and enable this feature on your phone.

How to use Automated Task in Xiaomi?

Step 1. Download and install the latest updates of the Mi Security app.

Step 2. Open your “Security App”, then click on “Utilities

Xiaomi Automated Task Security App Layout

Step 3. Scroll down and find “Automatic Task” and tap to open it.

Xiaomi Automated Task in Security

Step 4. You can see that the two options here are Task Center and My Tasks.

Step 5. Now add the task you want by simply clicking on the (“+”) button in the lower right corner under the Task Center section.

Automated Task create in Xiaomi phones

Step 6. Enter the name of any task, to remember your activities.

Step 7. Define the function in “if” and “Then“. (Ex: If I charged the phone, then the battery saver turns off.)

How to add task in Automated Task

Step 8. Click the Done button to apply this task.

Step 9. Go to My task list to check all active tasks and can edit and delete any task you want.

My Task in XIaomi Automated Task

That’s it. Now you can create your automated task and comment below, did you succeed? Share this post with all your friends to know about these new hidden features.

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