Enable MIUI 12.5 New Automated Task in Xiaomi Phones?

Xiaomi Automated Task Enable

Xiaomi recently launched new features in latest Mi Security app updates in china, and this new features was Automated Task. In earl year of MIUI updates it’s come in MIUI 8 security app but after some time later it’s disappears and now again after 4 years Xiaomi relaunched this new Automated Task for all MIUI 12.5 users.

In our personal life we have various schedule and plan but most of time we can’t remembers. So this new features are very helpful to all users. Now MIUI 12.5 has a Automated Task manager, where you can configure various task based on your purpose.

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How to use Automated Task in Xiaomi?

  1. Download and Install Latest Mi Security App Updates.(Download Apk)

2. Open your “Security App“, than click on “Utilities“.

Xiaomi Automated Task Security App Layout

3. Scroll down and find “Automated Task” and Tap to open.

Xiaomi Automated Task in Security

4. Now you can check complete user interface of this new features.

5. You can see than here two Options are their “Task Center” and “My Task“.

6. Click on Task Center menu.

7. Now add task which you want by just click on (“+”) button at bottom right corner.

Automated Task create in Xiaomi phones

8. Enter Any Task Name, for remember your activities.

9. Select task in If and then. (Ex. If When Charging then Turn off Battery Saver.)

How to add task in Automated Task

10. Click on Done button to apply this task.

11. Go to My task menu to check all active task, and also modified and delete any task which you want.

My Task in XIaomi Automated Task

This is it. Now you can create you own automated task and comment below how it is. Share this post to all your friends for aware this new hidden features.

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