How to Enable iOS 17 Straighten Shooting Angle on iPhone [Camera Level]

Enable iOS 17 Straighten Shooting Angle on iPhone

Apple’s latest iOS 17 update brings a handy new camera-level feature for Straighten Shooting Angle. This will help you align the shooting angle perfectly before snapping a photo. with enabling this feature, a broken horizontal line appears on your screen when taking a shot.

For example, if the line shown is white, your shot is tilted. When your object is in a single layer, it will be shown as a yellow line. This makes it much easier to take direct photos without adjusting your angle.

Quick Note: To Enable and Use Straighten Shooting Angle or Camera level Feature on iPhone, Go to Settings > tap Camera > turn on “level” toggle.

What is Straighten Shooting Angles for iPhone Camera?

The Straighten Shooting Angles feature in iOS 17 helps you to take level and perfect photos with your iPhone. When you’re getting ready to take a picture, a broken line shows up on your camera screen. If the line is white, your shot is tilted. When you move your iPhone around to get it level, the line will straighten and turn yellow.

That’s your cue to take a photo. This new tool makes it easy to take perfect and straight shots with no more tilted pictures or more guesswork.

Enable Straighten Shooting Angle or Camera level feature

The level feature on your iPhone’s camera helps you take straight photos, but it’s turned off when you first-time start. Want to turn it on? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then scroll down and tap on “Camera.”
Open Camera Settings on iPhone
  • Find the Composition Section, and flip the switch next to “Level” to turn it on.
Enable Camera level feature for Straighten Shooting Angle

How to take straight shots using the camera-level feature

  • Open your iPhone’s camera app.
  • Look for broken horizontal lines in the middle of the screen.
  • Move your phone around until those lines connect and form one straight line.
take straight shots using the camera-level feature

Remember, the camera leveling tool is only visible for a few seconds and works best when you hold the phone horizontally.

Other tips to get good angels

  • Follow the rule of thirds: divide your picture into three parts, by two lines. That is, use the grid.
  • Try different heights:
    • Low Get Down: Makes things high.
    • Shot from above: Objects appear smaller.
  • Use a frame within a frame: Place something like a window around what you’re shooting. It will make your picture more interesting.

That’s it! By following this post, you can enable the Straighten Shooting Angle feature on your iPhone, and you’ll be on your way to taking perfect shots in no time.

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