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Last week it was reported that Facebook was changed their name, but finally Facebook revel new name to META. Facebook was rebranded by Meta. The new name was mainly focused around Facebook’s virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR, respectively). During today’s Connect event, Facebook revealed that its new name is ‘Meta’.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, speaking in live virtual and augmented reality conference, said the new name reflected its ambitions to build the metaverse, rather than its namesake social media service. Also said that our goal and vision was not changed just name was changed.

The metaverse, a term first invent in a dystopian novel three decades ago and now attracting buzz in Silicon Valley, refers broadly to the idea of a shared virtual environment which can be accessed by people using different devices.

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What is the meaning of the META?

“META” is Greek word and it’s called Beyond. Also the meaning of this word is Creative work.

Facebook “meta” means in a variety of languages?

meta meaning In Italian, is “half”
In Urdu, it means “delete”
In Croatian, it means “target”
In Spanish, it means “goal”
In Sudanese, it means “map”
In Polish, it means “finish line”
In Hindi, it means “large earthen jar

What is Facebook Meta Full Form | मेटा का फुल फॉर्म क्या है

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