Download Final Cut Pro for iPad: Price, Release Date & Supported Devices

Download Final Cut Pro for iPad

Recently Apple announced that they are launching Final Cut Pro for iPad. Apple plans to launch the iPad version of its popular professional video editing software – Final Cut Pro and music creation app – Logic Pro on May 23. This game-changing step will help you create and edit videos on the go, allowing users to create high-quality videos and music anytime, anywhere.

What is Final Cut Pro for iPad?

Final Cut Pro for iPad is the mobile adaptation of Apple’s popular professional video editing software, created for Mac. It brings the powerful editing capabilities of this Mac software to the iPad, allowing users to create high-quality videos anytime, anywhere by taking advantage of the device’s touch-first interface, portability, and performance.

With Final Cut Pro for iPad, users can record, edit, finish, and share all their videos from one device. It essentially turns the iPad into a mobile video editing studio. It is expected to offer a level of professional-grade editing capabilities compared to its desktop counterpart.

Final Cut Pro for iPad

Basic Requirement

Here are some basic requirements to install Final Cut Pro on iPad

  • An Apple ID
  • iPadOS 16.4 or later
  • A Stable internet connection
  • A paid subscription to Final Cut Pro

Price of Final Cut Pro for iPad

Pricing for Final Cut Pro for iPad is designed to provide users with affordability and flexibility. For Final Cut Pro users can choose a monthly subscription for $4.99 (US) or an annual subscription for $49 (US), effectively saving about $10 over a year.

Subscription TypePrice (US)Free Trial
Monthly$4.99Yes (One Month)
Yearly$49.00Yes (One Month)

In addition, Apple will also offer a free one-month subscription for new users to experience the powerful editing capabilities of Final Cut Pro for iPad. This allows content creators to fully explore the features and understand the benefits of the software before using it. All these options can be accessed after installing Final Cut Pro for iPad from the App Store.

Final Cut Pro Features for iPad

Experience unprecedented levels of creative control and functionality with innovative features designed specifically for iPad. Transform Final Cut Pro for your iPad into a powerful mobile video editing studio using the following features.

1. All-New Creative Interface

  • The Interface: Final Cut Pro for iPad offers an innovative touch-first interface, allowing creators to edit video projects rapidly and intuitively.
  • Editing Surface: Frame-accurate edits can be achieved using your finger or the Apple Pencil. It includes a swift jog wheel for scrubbing through footage or trimming and nudging clips. Quick and precise footage skimming is enabled by the Apple Pencil hover feature.
  • Live Drawing: Create unique handwritten titles and illustrations directly on footage using Touch or Apple Pencil.
  • HDR: The HDR-first workflow enables the viewing and editing of stunning visuals. This feature shines on the Liquid Retina XDR display on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
  • iMovie Import: Projects from iMovie for iOS can be opened in Final Cut Pro to access its advanced features and complete your work.
  • Apple Pencil and Keyboard: Apple Pencil allows precise edits, while the Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio can speed up workflows with powerful key commands.
Final Cut Pro for iPad Creative Interface

2. Pro Camera Mode and Multicam Video Editing

  • Pro Camera Mode: This feature offers creators greater control over the video creation process. You can shoot high-quality video in portrait or landscape orientation, monitor audio and available recording time, and manually control settings like focus, exposure, and white balance.
  • Multicam Video Editing: Sync clips captured from up to four camera or audio sources in one step, switch angles or audio in a multicam clip with just a tap, and use the angle editor to adjust the sync, angle order, and monitor audio.
Final Cut Pro for iPad Multicam Video Editing

3. Fast Cut Features with Machine Learning

Leverage Apple silicon and machine learning to speed up editing tasks. With Scene Removal Mask, remove or replace the background behind a subject in a clip without a green screen. Auto Crop adjusts footage for vertical, square, and other aspect ratios, and Voice Isolation can easily remove background noise from field-captured audio.

4. Pro Graphics, Effects, and Audio

You can choose from a vast library of professional graphics, effects, and audio to enhance your storytelling. This includes HDR backgrounds, customizable animated patterns, professional soundtracks that automatically adjust to the video’s length, and third-party content from leading developers.

Final Cut Pro for iPad Pro Graphics

5. Import and Export

  • Import and Export: Import supported media from Files or Photos and save it directly inside a Final Cut Pro project. You can import projects created in iMovie for iOS and export your Final Cut Pro projects to Mac.
  • Pro Camera Mode: Apply your creative vision while shooting and fully take advantage of ProRes capture on the latest iPad Pro.
Final Cut Pro for iPad Video Import and Export

6. Advanced Features for Pro Workflows

These include ProRes RAW import and editing, color grading with video scopes, keyframe animation of video and audio, editing of video shot in Cinematic mode on iPhone, and delivery of high-quality files or the rendering of videos optimized for social platforms. You can also export a project to Final Cut Pro for Mac to access features like advanced color grading, object tracking, and more.

7. File Management

  • Limited external drive support: You can’t edit off of external drives on the iPad. All media files must be saved on the iPad inside the Files app.
  • Folder importing restrictions: Folders cannot be exported as a whole. Each file within a folder must be manually selected and imported.
  • Lack of hierarchical folder organization: If you prefer a specific folder hierarchy for file management, you cannot replicate that on this setup.
  • Media storage location: All media lives in the media window on the top-right corner of the screen. There are no events or Smart Collections (“bins” for Premiere users) inside the library.

8. Workspace Layout and Keyframes

  • Familiar layout: The workspace setup is similar to the desktop version of Final Cut Pro, albeit smaller and more cramped.
  • Limited keyframe transitions: All keyframe transitions are linear by default and can’t be changed.
  • Lack of stabilization and rolling shutter correction options: Neither of these options are available in the iPad version.

9. Keyboard Shortcuts and Jog Wheel

  • Jog Wheel: A digital version of the physical wheel found in Loupedeck or DaVinci Resolve, used to control the clips and played in the timeline.
  • Limited keyboard shortcuts: Some frequently used shortcuts on the desktop version, such as V for enabling and disabling the clip, N for turning snapping on and off, M for markers, etc., are not available on the iPad.

10. Exclusive Features

  • Live Drawing: With an Apple Pencil, you can freely draw or write on top of your footage and then animate it.
  • Auto Scene Removal: A new masking effect that doesn’t work well on dynamic shots with unclear separation.

Limitations of Final Cut Pro for iPad

There are certain limitations present in this software where at times, features are lacking.

1. Color Correction Limitations

  • No support for custom LUTs: Only built-in LUTs from Canon, Arri, Blackmagic, Sony, etc. are available.
  • No third-party plugins: As of now, the software does not support third-party plugins.
  • Basic color adjustment tools: Only sliders are available for color adjustment, with no curves, color board, color wheels, or HSL curves.
  • Limited project transferability: The software can’t export or import XML files. FCP libraries can only be transferred from an iPad to a Mac and not vice versa.

Limited songs: About 40 songs that can be automatically retimed to fit your timeline. However, it only works with those 40 songs.

Final Cut Pro Supported iPads

  • iPad Air (5th generation)
  • 11‑inch iPad Pro (3rd or 4th generation)
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th or 6th generation)

How to Download and Install Final Cut Pro on iPad

Downloading and installing Final Cut Pro on your iPad is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  • Unlock your iPad and open the App Store.
  • Use the search function to find “Final Cut Pro”.
  • Select Final Cut Pro from the search results.
  • Tap the “Get” button to download the app.
  • Once downloaded, tap “Open” or find the app on your home screen.
  • Start your subscription by choosing either monthly or yearly, and begin your one-month free trial.

Wrap up…

Final Cut Pro for iPad is a game changer for video creators, providing them with a comprehensive set of professional video editing tools at their fingertips. With a wide range of features, from a new touch interface to machine learning-powered editing tools, the app allows users to unleash their creativity in ways not possible before. Its affordable subscription pricing model and wide range of supported devices make it affordable for professionals and aspiring video editors.


How much does Final Cut Pro for iPad cost?

Final Cut Pro for iPad is available as a monthly subscription for $4.99 or a yearly subscription for $49. New users can activate a one-month free trial.

How can I download Final Cut Pro for iPad?

Final Cut Pro for iPad can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. After downloading, users can choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.