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Google Tasks Mate is being beta released in India and will let users earn money by completing simple tasks on their mobile. Task Mate will provide a number of varieties of tasks, posted by google ads from around the world. These include things like clicking a picture of a hotel, answering survey questions about personal information, or helping translate sentences from English to other languages. The app is currently in beta and is limited to selected testers through a referral code system. This app looks like google old Review apps.

Googel Task Mate App Preview

Google Task Mate App Only Works in India, so in other country its not show on Google Play Store. If you wish to download in your region, We are share its direct link to download.

Users will be paid in Indian rupees currency for the tasks that they complete. The Task Mate testing was first shown by a Reddit user, as reported by 9to5Google. While the app is available to download on Google Play, you can’t use it unless you have a referral code, which is available through invite-only.

“Task Mate (beta) is selected testers at the moment. Wait for some referral code and if you have the code please comment on the post and only download this app if you have a referral code as we are unable to extend further invites at this time,” reads the app page on Google Play Store.

Steps to Download/Sign up/Install the Task Mate application

Check all step to how to use Google Task Mate app in your Android and iOS devices.

  • Step 1: Initially, visit the official source of the application or type Google Task Mate on google playstore or click on Download Here
Task Mate App from Google PlayStore
  • Step 2: Download the application and enter your mail id. Then click on Get Started.
task mate sign in page
  • Step 3: Choose the language from the given options. The language will be interface language.
Task Mate Language select
  • Step 4: Choose your working language. The language will be given to provide you several
Choose your working language. The language will be given to provide you several
  • Step 5: Now, you have to enter the referral code provided by use (Mentioned at the end of the page). The code will be in capital letters.
Now, you have to enter the referral code provided by use (Mentioned at the end of the page). The code will be in capital letters.
  • Step 6: In order to proceed further, please click on Accept agreement.
In order to proceed further, please click on Accept agreement.
  • Step 7: Now you will be directed to the dashboard. Choose the tasks as per your interest and skip the one in which you feel difficulty. Select from Sitting/Field task.
Google Task Mate Dashboard
  • Step 8: The task will undergo a review process after it is submitted by the user. The payment can be withdrawal by the user through entering the bank details in the application.
Google Task Mate Payment Proof

The Task Mate app will offer two types of tasks — “Sitting” or “Field Tasks” — with the latter requiring users to walk to a nearby business. The app will offer a variety of Field Tasks, including ones in which users will have to go “to the location shown in pin and take a photo of the shopfront once you’re there.”

The data collected by such tasks will help Google “improve mapping services and bring business in your local area online.” The Sitting Tasks, on the other hand, will include things like transcribing sentences or recording sentences shown on the app. While the listing doesn’t go into any further detail about the tasks, it reveals that the tasks will be “simple,” and they will originate from “businesses around the world.” This leads us to believe that the company may launch Task Mate in other regions in the future.

As mentioned earlier, the app currently requires users to enter an invitation code to register an account. But it doesn’t seem like Google has started rolling out invitation codes widely. In case you manage to get your hands on an invitation code, do share some screenshots of the tasks and payments interface in the comments below.

For payment purposes, you’ll have to link an account with a third-party processor. When you’re ready to cash out the money earned through tasks, you can register your e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the Task Mate app, visit your profile page, and click on cash out. After this, you’ll be able to withdraw the money in your local currency, as per the app description. It is not clear when Task Mate will be available for more users to try out.

Task Mate Referral Code is – 0QE74B or FG476L

Google Task Mate Invitation Codes

100+ Working Google Task Mate Invitation Code

Referral CodeInvitation CodeStatus
Referral Code 1050QE74B(Working)
Referral Code 104HR37X2(Working)
Referral Code 1039T72G0(Expired)
Referral Code 102FG476L(Expired)
Referral Code 101HD387K(Expired)
Referral Code 100Z7MGR8(Expired)
Referral Code 99BH2G5F(Expired)
Referral Code 98M86IZ5(Expired)
Referral Code 97VVUB9J(Expired)
Referral Code 96IT2RGN(Expired)
Referral Code 9549IRQO(Expired)
Referral Code 94VFH7V4(Expired)
Referral Code 93Z5WPFB(Expired)
Referral Code 922V21CL(Expired)
Referral Code 91UUKZ9J(Expired)
Referral Code 90N0V6WX(Expired)
Referral Code 898TH6UN(Expired)
Referral Code 88P9ZCEI(Expired)
Referral Code 87LT9R4A(Expired)
Referral Code 86JKC7YK(Expired)
Referral Code 85UEC0E3(Expired)
Referral Code 84GZO5R5(Expired)
Referral Code 8359A62G(Expired)
Referral Code 82RI8KTL(Expired)
Referral Code 81236O5O(Expired)
Referral Code 807DIU44(Expired)
Referral Code 79PS43AN(Expired)
Referral Code 788W8X4D(Expired)
Referral Code 775RYPPN(Expired)
Referral Code 761F1R6G(Expired)
Referral Code 75V0JB97(Expired)
Referral Code 74JQ5HDV(Expired)
Referral Code 73KQD8C0(Expired)
Referral Code 727O3WVM(Expired)
Referral Code 710T8IZ1(Expired)
Referral Code 70W03BJQ(Expired)
Referral Code 69O67GJ0(Expired)
Referral Code 68IM49VH(Expired)
Referral Code 67WT3B71(Expired)
Referral Code 66EN2P9A(Expired)
Referral Code 65ESHV8U(Expired)
Referral Code 64I482T6(Expired)
Referral Code 63XRW7YN(Expired)
Referral Code 62N9HH1E(Expired)
Referral Code 61D4V53U(Expired)
Referral Code 60RXXH8B(Expired)
Referral Code 59D7WAL1(Expired)
Referral Code 587I69ZP(Expired)
Referral Code 5700XCR0(Expired)
Referral Code 5622ZQ0O(Expired)
Referral Code 556QN90R(Expired)
Referral Code 54X8YXTC(Expired)
Referral Code 53T8OOYB(Expired)
Referral Code 52DF8Y4R(Expired)
Referral Code 519JYBQ5(Expired)
Referral Code 50AT75NV(Expired)
Referral Code 49D8YUZ9(Expired)
Referral Code 48OI8O7B(Expired)
Referral Code 47J60VFR(Expired)
Referral Code 460UJWYD(Expired)
Referral Code 45R1NAGO(Expired)
Referral Code 44WL5883(Expired)
Referral Code 438YU55E(Expired)
Referral Code 42Q4FA34(Expired)
Referral Code 418B4ATS(Expired)
Referral Code 40K0A09U(Expired)
Referral Code 3914KM43(Expired)
Referral Code 384V8RQU(Expired)
Referral Code 37A06YQ5(Expired)
Referral Code 36P63ZKS(Expired)
Referral Code 35J5WHD9(Expired)
Referral Code 3480AM4D(Expired)
Referral Code 33N98Z6G(Expired)
Referral Code 32KV1YS3(Expired)
Referral Code 31ZQ303E(Expired)
Referral Code 30YLOK34(Expired)
Referral Code 2956OU76(Expired)
Referral Code 2889Y0GF(Expired)
Referral Code 275UBH0D(Expired)
Referral Code 26EMYR7O(Expired)
Referral Code 25Z0GJJG(Expired)
Referral Code 2401I9Y8(Expired)
Referral Code 23M3YUOT(Expired)
Referral Code 220ZU8A2(Expired)
Referral Code 21L1AS0M(Expired)
Referral Code 203UU7SQ(Expired)
Referral Code 19BUK7K9(Expired)
Referral Code 1812IXIR(Expired)
Referral Code 176L257J(Expired)
Referral Code 1687EW6H(Expired)
Referral Code 150XZBSC(Expired)
Referral Code 14GA5IVF(Expired)
Referral Code 1383KUCA(Expired)
Referral Code 12WBC6AR(Expired)
Referral Code 1115SBRI(Expired)
Referral Code 103PRHW8(Expired)
Referral Code 9U3ABX5(Expired)
Referral Code 883CA02(Expired)
Referral Code 71P1HJI(Expired)
Referral Code 6OA0DZF(Expired)
Referral Code 5JG7NML(Expired)
Referral Code 4B0FPKE(Expired)
Referral Code 3O8FXY4(Expired)
Referral Code 2X7CUOL(Expired)
Referral Code 1FGI74F(Expired)

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