How to add Google Maps Nearby Traffic widget on the home screen

How to add Google Nearby Traffic widget on the home screen

Google recently released a new widget for Android and also launched a nearby traffic widget for Google Maps. Google Nearby Traffic shows the traffic around your best location based on GPS and displays it on the user’s home screen and makes it easier for drivers to navigate.

How to add Google Maps Nearby Traffic widget on the home screen

Prior to this latest Google Maps update, there was only one way to check nearby traffic and that was to open the map, search your current location, and enable Traffic Map mode. While the latest Nearby Traffic widget saves you tons of time and power. Read More Android 13 Beta 3.1 Download for Google Pixel Phones

Google Nearby Traffic Widget comes with multiple size options that you can choose as you need. The new widget shows nearby traffic using some colors, red for heavy traffic, yellow for moderate traffic and the current user’s location is represented by a blue dot and there is a button to zoom in and out.

How to add the Google Nearby Traffic widget on your phone’s Home Screens

  • Update your Google Map to the latest version from the Google play store.
  • Long press on your home screen until settings appear.
  • Click on Widgets and find Google Maps.
  • Select Nearby Traffic Widgets and drop it on Home Screen.
  • Allow all widget permission to find real-time traffic near your location.
  • Now, Google Widget shows your nearby traffic on home screens.

So, now you don’t need to open Google Maps to check traffic or locations. Currently, this tool is only supported by a few Pixel phones and Android phones. It might be possible that it will be released very soon for your Android device as well.

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