How to Block YouTube Videos From Feed?

How to Block YouTube Videos From Feed

Are you looking for How to block YouTube videos from feed? Then this post will help you with the guide to blocking these videos.

Although there have been many updates on YouTube over the years, you can never really predict what you will see. There may be times when your feed will display the content you don’t want to see, and there are steps you can take to eliminate this possibility. Also Read: How to watch 4K Video on Youtube?

You can block YouTube channels from appearing on your homepage using some of the methods described in this guide. In addition to reducing interactions with hostile or annoying media, we’ll show you how to improve your overall experience.

How to Block YouTube Videos From Feed

How to Block YouTube videos from a feed in your Youtube App?

If you have a computer or smartphone, there are different guides for that, which we have covered below.

Computer Guide

If you use a computer to watch YouTube, the blocking process is different from the Mobile process. Then after this step.

1. Go to “YouTube”.

open youtube website

2. Click on the “Three-dots” that are near the title of the video which you want to block.

search unwanted youtube video

3. Then pop up the menu and in the menu Click on “Not interested” or “Don’t recommend channel” one of these options.

right click on video to remove from feed

4. Then Pop up another option “Undo” or “Tell us Why”.

youtube video remove

5. If you are not Removing this video then Click on “Undo“.

click undo if you get this video again

6. Otherwise, Click on “Tell us Why”. Then you can choose “I’ve already watched this Video” or “i Don’t like the video” for both or one of the options.

check your reason for why you remove

Mobile Guide

If you are using a mobile phone to watch YouTube videos, follow these steps.

1. Go to the “YouTube” App.

open youtube app in your phone

2. Click on “Three-dots”.

find out video which you want remove from feed

3. Click on “Not interested” or “Don’t recommend channel”.

click on settings and select not interested


Can you block YouTube channels from your feed?

1. Go to YouTube
2. Click on Three dots.
3. Click on not interested.

Is it safe to use a channel blocker?

Yes, you can use but sometimes that is risky.

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