How to Change App icons on iOS 16 with Apple Shortcuts

How to Change App icons on iOS 16

Apple Does not give permission to Change App icons on iOS 16 but here we are giving you a step-by-step guide for changing your home Screen icons according to your preferences. Apple Shortcuts app provides one way to do this thing.

There are a number of unique features and functions included in iOS 16 that are pleasing to iPhone users. As part of this article, I will introduce one of the most notable additions to the iOS 16 update. This guide discusses the new feature of iOS 16 that allows you to modify shortcut icons. You can Change App icons on iOS 16 without any Third-party App.

With this feature, you can customize your app shortcuts, taking personalization to a whole new level. By following these steps you can change any App icons on your home screen. you can put your, other family or friend member face and surprise them.

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How to Change App icons on IOS 16 With the Apple Shortcuts app

Step 1

Click on apple Shortcuts app

In this guide, We are changing the BBC News icon from the home screen. Click on the “Apple Shortcuts app”.

Step 2

Click on Plus Button

Once Your are opened the Apple Shortcuts app then you can see all the shortcuts Screen. In this app Click on the Plus (+) button which is placed in the top right corner.

Step 3

Tap on Add action

Now you type the name of the app whose app icon you want to change on the home screen and click on the “add action button“.

Step 4

write your Script

Now you can type your action or script name or choose from the below option.

Step 5

Click on open app Action

Click on the “App Button“.

Step 6

Select your App

Then Select an Application Whose App icon you want to change on the HomeScreen.

Step 7

Click on more menu option

Tap on Open Application in the top menu bar and give the shortcut a name that matches the respective application. And Click on the More options icon which is beside app the name.

Step 8

Choose add to home screen option

Select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Step 9

Choose any one of them option

Tap the shortcut icon of the logo you want to change, then a pop-up menu will show now you can click on any of them.

Step 10

tap on add Button

Then choose your new App icon image then click on the “Add button“.

Step 11

Change App icons on iOS 16

Now you can see the New and Old Application icons on your home screen.

Step 12

Remove app icons on iOS 16

You can Remove the Older icon App. Now, you can see Change App icons on iOS 16 will be displayed here.

I hope you understand this guide, follow these steps to change your iPhone home screen icons. Using this trick you can change all app icons and make them unique or in your own style.

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