How to check Toll Rates on Google Maps?

How to check Toll Rates on Google Maps

You can check toll rates across India using Google Maps. Read the article “How to use Google Maps to check toll rates?” to enable this feature.

Paying a toll fee is something you have to get used to if you frequently drive on the road or travel on national highways. Different routes charge different tolls. Toll plazas accept digital payment methods, but sometimes you might need to pay cash. It can be helpful to know in advance how much you will have to pay when dealing with such situations. Recently, Google Maps added a new feature that does just that.

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How to check Toll Rates on Google Maps
How to check Toll Rates on Google Maps

Google said that “We’re launching toll prices on Google Maps for the first time to help people make an informed choice between toll roads and regular roads.”

How to check Toll Rates on Google Map?

Follow these steps to enable toll rates on Google maps,

1). Lunch Google Maps on your mobile.

open google map on mobile phones

2). Then Click on “Your Profile” which is in the right side upper corner.

select your profile in google map

3). Click on “Settings”.

click on settings in google map

4). Then Scroll down and Click on “Navigation Settings”.

select navigation settings

5). Enable or Turn on “See toll pass prices” in the Toll price Section.

enable toll price in google map

6). Now You can see toll prices in your maps direction and Route.

check your near toll price

Moreover, users can select a route that does not require any tolls at all. Toll-free routes are shown as options by Google when they are available. It is possible to completely hide routes with toll roads from the user.

It has been announced that Android and iOS users will be able to use this new feature on nearly 2000 toll roads in the U.S., India, Japan, and Indonesia. As the list expands, so will the number of roads that will be included. Follow these Steps to Avoid toll roads or hide routes with toll roads,

1). Click on “your route“.

for more detials click on toll blue buttons

2). Now you can see the toll price and then Click on “Tolls”.

check all toll price and list

3). Then pop up One menu and you can see “Driving Options”.

Check all parameters in google map

4). Enable all three or one of them.

enable google toll for motorcycles

5). Now you can see the road route without any toll tax.

check new route for without toll


Can Google Maps show tolls?

Yes, Now recently Google Maps is giving a new Update for Showing toll prices on maps. Go to Settings > Navigation Settings > See toll pass prices > Enable.

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