How to Create a Safari Profile in iOS 17

How to Create Profile in Safari on iPhone

Discover the power of iOS 17’s Safari Profiles!

On the Internet’s vast landscape, Safari stands as a secure, sleek, and efficient web browsing tool. However, something was missing. In iOS 17 Apple introduced a much-anticipated “Profile” feature in Safari. Now, you can Create a Safari Profile.

With the launch of iOS 17, Safari has added this neat feature, paving its way to dominate the digital browsing scene. Profiles in Safari let users segregate personal from professional web activities. You can keep your cookies, browsing history, extensions, tab groups, and bookmarks distinct, ensuring privacy and a tailored browsing experience.

Quick overview: To Create a Safari Profile on an iPhone, simply head to Settings > select Safari > click on New Profile > customize your profile and hit “Done.”

What’s a Safari Profile?

A Safari Profile is a nifty addition that lets you split your web activities into different sections. Imagine using multiple browsers within one. Each profile keeps your cookies, history, extensions, tab groups, and bookmarks separate, making it easier to track your online activities.

Why Create a Safari Profile?

  • Privacy: Every profile has its own cookies and history, so your data doesn’t mix with other profiles.
  • Easy to organize: Profiles make it simpler to organize your web activities.
  • Customization: Deck out each profile with its own bookmarks and extensions for a unique touch.

Uses of Safari Profile

  • Work-Life Balance: Keep your personal and work browsing apart for added privacy.
  • Family Sharing: Set up individual profiles for each family member for a personal touch.
  • Child-Safe Browsing: Craft a profile for your kiddos with curated content to keep their web exploration safe.

How to Create a Safari Profile on iPhone

To create a profile in Safari on an iPhone running iOS 17, follow these steps:

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app. Then scroll down to the “Safari” option and tap on it.
Create Profile in Safari on iPhone 1
  • In Safari Settings, scroll down to the Profiles section and click on the “New Profile” option.
Create Profile in Safari on iPhone 2
  • Name your profile and pick an icon. Choose a color too – this helps tell profiles apart. Adjust other settings as needed.
Create Profile in Safari on iPhone 3
  • Hit “Done” at the top right. Your new profile is all set!
Create Profile in Safari on iPhone 4
  • For extensions, pick your favorites in the Extensions menu.
Create Profile in Safari on iPhone 5

How to Delete Safari Profile in iOS 17

Follow these steps to delete your Safari profiles:

  • Head to iPhone’s Settings and select “Safari“.
Create Profile in Safari on iPhone 1
  • Tap on the profile you want to delete and then select the last option “Delete Profile”.
Delete Profile in Safari

Note: Deleting a profile will also remove all data including its history, cookies, and saved passwords.

How to Switch Safari Profiles on iPhone

To Switch Safari Profiles in iOS 17 follow the below steps:

  • Open Safari and click the “Tabs” icon (bottom-right).
Switch Safari Profiles on iPhone 1
  • Press the “Stacked Menu Icon“. The icon’s look varies based on the profile in use.
Switch Safari Profiles on iPhone 2
  • In the menu, click “Profile”. By default, Safari starts with “No Profile” unless you swap it.
Switch Safari Profiles on iPhone 3
  • Choose your profile of choice.
Switch Safari Profiles on iPhone 4
  • The start page will display the profile color and icon, so you’ll always know which profile you’re using.
Switch Safari Profiles on iPhone 5

Create a Safari Profile…

That’s it! iOS 17’s Safari profiles bring a personalized touch to your web journeys. Whether you’re aiming to keep personal and work life apart, or want each family member to have their own browsing space, Profiles has got you covered. Follow our guide, and navigate your digital world with ease.


Can I use different extensions for my different Safari profiles?

Yes, you can have different extensions for each profile in Safari. After creating a profile, you can select which extensions you want to enable for it from the “Extensions” section.

Will my profile sync across my Apple devices?

Yes, the profiles you create on your iPhone will sync across your other Apple devices using the same Apple ID.

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