How to customize Dynamic Island app for Android

How to customize Dynamic Island app for Android

Apple just introduced Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro and all other developers have made this feature available to Android users. We have already covered the Dynamic Island apk for Android and New iOS 16 Depth Effect Wallpaper for Android users. But now this time we have found out how to customize Dynamic Island app for android phones.

Customize Dynamic Island for Android

Currently on the internet, many Android apps offer Dynamic Island but few of them allow you to customize your notifications with additional features. Check below all steps to customize your own dynamic Android island.

Step 1. Download Dynamic Island Apk (Developer – Roshani Apps) from Google Play Store and install it. Open the app and grant all the necessary permissions.

Download Dynamic Island Apk from Google Playstore

Step 2. Now enable (1) Dynamic island notification (2) Title text color (3) Show in lock screen and (4) Show in full-screen options. All these parameters help to show off the iPhone 14 Pro style design on your Android phone. Next, tap the title text color to change the notification bar color during the popup.

Now set the camera position and camera number according to the default notch of your phone. We recommend that you set the camera position to center and the number of cameras to 1 for a similar look to the iPhone 14 Pro. And you can also change the top margin and height width according to your device section.

Change dynamic island color and design

Step 3. Finally, your Dynamic Island is enabled when a new notification arrives and a song plays in the music player.

Enable music player on dynamic island

Video Tutorial

Best Dynamic Island app for Android

  1. Dynamic Spot by Jawomo
  2. Dynamic Island by Roshani Apps
  3. Dynamic Island by GriceMobile
  4. Dynamic Android Island by Play Entertainment Group
  5. Dynamic Island Notch Notify

That’s it.

I hope you will like this article and take your device to the next level. If you have any other tips or tricks, mail to [email protected].

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