how to Disable notes syncing on iPhone and iPad [iOS 16]

how to Disable notes syncing on iPhone and iPad

You can turn off iCloud syncing for some apps in Apple’s iCloud, which can be useful for syncing data across devices. With iOS, this task is relatively easy. If you don’t know how to Disable notes syncing on iPhone. Follow these steps,

iPad users follow the same process as iPhone users – the only difference is that a sub-page appears on the right side of the screen when clicking. It is not uncommon for applications and services to include online processes, but separate steps must be taken to prevent them from syncing. You can sync your Notes apps with iCloud, which can be a problem for your data.

If you want to keep your notes local, Apple offers a way to disable the sync feature. By blocking iCloud syncing, you can keep your notes on your iPhone instead of syncing to a Mac or iPad. Here are some ways to achieve this. You can also lock and unlock notes.

how to Disable notes syncing on iPhone

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Once you have created your Apple ID account, the name of your account will appear at the top of the Settings app (on iPad, it will be on the left). Click on the profile picture of your account.
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Click “Show All” (usually the fifth item on your account page).:
how to Disable notes syncing on iPhone
  • Click on “Notes”.
  • “Sync this iPhone” will appear on the following page. Tap on it. By doing this, iCloud syncing for the Notes app will be disabled. First, you will be warned that all synced notes will be deleted from your iPhone. Tap “Delete from iPhone” if this is what you want. From your account page, you will see the following 3 screens
how to Disable notes syncing on iOS

You can use this method to disable notes syncing on your iPhone.