How to Enable Developer Mode on your iPhone 14 (iOS 16)

How to Turn on Developer Mode on your iPhone

When you Enable developer mode on your iPhone, you can take advantage of all its features. You can install custom ROMs, use USB debugging and work in Xcode when you switch to this special iOS mode. You can test different apps through this feature. Check out this article to know how to use developer mode on iPhone.

iPhone Developer Mode is used with iOS 16 and later. App developers need to update their devices with the latest version of Xcode before using it. According to Apple, an upgraded Developer Mode protects users from installing potentially malicious software.

Even if you don’t enable developer mode, this popup message will appear on your screen while testing the app.

Developer mode required Error

In Xcode, iOS devices display as “Unavailable Devices” when connected to a Mac. Xcode will notify you when you try to build and run a project with an invalid destination. This can be resolved by enabling developer mode.

How to Enable Developer Mode on your iPhone 14

If you are an iOS developer, you need to enable developer mode on your iPhone to test your app. follow these steps to enable it,

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll up and click on Privacy and Security.
  • Go to the last part of this page and tap on Developer Mode.
  • Press this button to enable developer mode. So it will turn green.
How to Enable Developer Mode on your iPhone 14
  • Then a pop-up message will be shown there. You click on the restart and wait for some time.
  • Once your phone restarts, tap on the Turn On button.
  • Then You can Enter Your Phone lock Screen Password.
  • Now with developer mode enabled, you can test apps, install custom ROMs, etc.
How to Enable Developer Mode on your iPhone

We hope you have read this article and understood how to enable developer mode on your iPhone. who are enabled this mode Please comment below.