How to enable Developer option in Xiaomi, redmi, and poco phones

How to enable developer option in xiaomi phones

Many MIUI12.5 and MIUI 13 users are having trouble finding and enabling developer options after the latest MIUI update. The developer options are also extremely valuable to us. In general, these features are used by IT technical engineers. This feature is mainly used for debugging and fixing bugs, but it also unlocks a great deal of value for the public and users.  

Through this application, you can unlock USB Debugging, OEM Blocking, and much more. The following steps explain how to enable the developer option in MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 13 devices.  

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What is Developer Options?

It is possible to configure and modify many of the default settings on your phone by using the Developer options, such as USB Debugging, OEM Blocking, Graphics Driver Preference, Bluetooth Maps, and Showing Taps On Your Screen.  

How to enable Developer Options on Xiaomi, Redmi and pOCO Phone?

Unlock your phone and start from step 1 to enable developer options on your Xiaomi device.  

Step 1. You can find the About Phone feature in your Settings app

Step 1. Open your phone Settings app and click on About Phone

Step 2. Activate the hidden developer option by clicking 7 times on the MIUI version  

Step 2. Now, 7 Times Click on MIUI Version to enable hidden developer option
Developer Option

Step 3. Open Additional Settings Options by returning to the previous page and scrolling down

Step 3. Go back, and scroll down to open Additional Option

Step 4. Below the page, you will find the Developer Option  

Step 4. Find Developer Option at bottom of the page

Step 5. Using these features requires enabling Developer Options

Step 5. Enable Developer Options to use these features

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You will have successfully turned on the Developer feature with this method. Now you can control your phone and enable hidden features.

How to enable developer option in xiaomi phones