How to enable Dynamic Island on Android Phones?

Dynamic Island on Android Phones

Apple just launched the all-new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a new dynamic island effect. Dynamic Island is not a static cut but can change in size and shape to blend into the user interface and provide new visuals front and center on the iPhone screen.

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Enable Dynamic Island on Android

Step 1

step 1 to enable iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island

Download and install the EdgeMask app from Google Play Store. Open the app and allow all the necessary permissions to use the iPhone’s dynamic island features on Android.

Step 2

step 2 to enable iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island

Now, click on the “Message” button under the Effect section. And enable the “Samsung Message Style” button. Next, tap on the Settings icon near the Samsung Message button.
1. Enable Using Extracted Colors
2. Enable Showing Two Lines
3. Enable Overlays on Lock Screen
4. Set Duration to 5 and Size to 3

Step 3

step 3 to enable iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island

Go to the main page of the application and click on the “Effects” button. In this section, you need to enable “Puch hole lightning” to show lightning glare effects like iPhone 14 Pro. For any additional changes, you can also tweak the settings near the punched lighting options.

Step 4

step 4 to enable iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island

All dynamic island settings are enabled. iPhone Dynamic Notch Island will be enabled when someone sends you a text message or any app notification you receive.

Dynamic Island for Xiaomi

Recently we found one MIUI Theme which provides most iPhone 14 Pro styles features. Currently, this theme is available on the Chines MIUI Theme store but in the future, it’s arrived on the Global version. The name of the theme is “AP14 Super Depth of Fileds“. Check below MTZ files or theme store links.

AP14 Super Depth of Fields Xiaomi themes
AP14 Super Depth of Fields Xiaomi themes

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