How to Enable One-Handed Mode in Android 12?

How to Enable One-Handed Mode in Android 12

How to Enable One-Handed Mode in Android 12 – Need to use your Android device but don’t have both hands free? How about a one-handed mode? With the Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Google Pixel, and other Android phones, the one-handed mode is an option you can use to make one side of the screen smaller. The result: you can easily touch just what you need, like when Chatting or text message or writing an Instagram post — no need to swipe around with multiple fingers. You can even choose the placement of this mode side panel, which means it can stay on either your left or right side, no matter which hand is holding the phone. And there’s a way for all Android users to get this functionality on their phones.

How to Enable One-Handed Mode in Android 12

The big screen is a great feature but it may not be possible to use it single hand. It’s a common issue that stems from the fact that using your phone with one hand can trigger wrist fatigue after a while. To help, many smartphone manufacturers provide software-based one-handed mode to make it easier to use your phone with just one hand. See below for instructions on how to enable one-handed mode in Android 12.

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Enable One-Handed Mode in Android 12

After enabling all the options you can just swipe from the bottom left to the right corner and enable One-handed mode.

  1. Go to Settings > System > Gesture 
  2. Now, select One-Handed mode
  3. Enable the Toggle button just right to next of Use one-handed mode
  4. Below it, you can also enable Exit when switching app
  5. After that one more default Timeout option is there, select your preferred time to use this mode.
Enable One Handed Mode in Android 12
How to Enable One-Handed Mode in Android 12?

What are the benefits of using a one-handed mode?

  1. One-handed mode allows you to reach all corners of the screen with just one hand.
  2. Your one hand is free
  3. Easy to type or scrolling
  4. Small screens help you to work fast.
  5. Also helpful If you are holding your baby in one arm or if you are carrying groceries in one arm. 

Are there any drawbacks to using a one-handed mode?

Currently, Android 12 is in the development phase and a few bugs are also noticeable while using this feature. Like, switching to other apps your content bottom parts collapse, and half the screen is black so you need to restart this app to use it in a full-screen mode.

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