miui 10 portrit mode Hello Mi Fans finally MiUi 10 Released on most of Xiaomi devices like Redmi note 4 , redmi note 5 , redmi note 5 pro or many other redmi devices. I Know you are upgrading your devices into miui 10. If you can not upgrade your device into miui 10 so be wait. For stable version you can wait until November to december. All Remaining device which have not available miu 10 beta so this users wati 2-3 weeks of july. After completion of this month all devices get miui 10 beta update.   Now I will Put some screenshot of portrait mode how it will be works. so you can check it and after download this apps. This apps is original version of miui camera but it is new update of this old camera.   Warning : Do Not Install this application in duel camera or which device already portrait mode. Only use in single camera device or Redmi Device.   For how to download miui 10 in any xiaomi device Click Here.   Many viewer are asking me how to enable portrait mode in our devices. Whenever miui 10 release at that time some news are coming on mi forum which is in miui 10 all devices get this portrait mode. But whenever miui 10 released at that time not any single device get this portrait mode . so here i will give one camera application for all xiaomi users by use of this apps you can enable portrait mode in your devices . so link will be below so download from this link. If this application does not work so please tell me i will give new alternative solution of this apps.   File Name : MiUi Camera File Size : 6 MB   download-button-new