How to enable Dynamic Realme RAM Expansion in 2024

How to enable Dynamic Realme RAM Expansion

Realme is one of the first smartphone manufacturers to introduce RAM expansion in their devices. In March 2021, Realme 8 Pro was the first smartphone to officially get Dynamic RAM Expansion. The feature was later extended to other Realme devices, including Realme Narzo 30 Pro, Realme 7, Realme 8, and others. Check below how to enable this feature on your smartphone.

What is RAM Expansion

RAM Expansion is a software-based feature, that allows users to use a portion of the internal storage as additional RAM. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the temporary memory that a device uses to store data and run applications or processes. Helps the smartphone run smoothly without slowing down.

Realme RAM Expansion Screenshot

Pros and Cons of RAM Expansion


  • Improved device performance
  • Better multitasking experience
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience
  • Faster App Launch
  • More Efficient Use of Device Storage


  • Battery life:
  • Storage space
  • Limited performance improvement
  • Limited Compatibility
  • Stability Issues

How to enable Realme RAM Expansion

You can enable the feature by going to Settings > About Device > RAM Expansion. From there, toggle the switch to Enable RAM expansion. After that, You can adjust the settings to customize the amount of storage used as RAM. By default, Realme uses up to 5GB of internal storage as additional RAM, but you can increase or decrease the Expand bar amount depending on your needs.

How to enable RAM expansion in Realme phone

It should be noted that enabling RAM expansion on your Realme phone may affect battery life and storage space, so it is important to check the drawbacks of these features as well.