How to enable Voice Shutter camera features in Xiaomi smartphones?

Voice Shutter camera features

Nowadays, every smartphone comes with a very unique camera design and features. We all know that Xiaomi has provided regular updates for their smartphones as well as in their stock apps. One of the best features of “Volume Shutter” has been introduced in the latest MIUI camera update.

Voice Shutter camera features

What is Voice Shutter?

Volume Shutter is one of the functions of the Xiaomi Camera app, which takes a picture when the user says “Cheese“. Basically, it works on voice commands instead of clicking the shutter button. This feature is very useful when you are alone and want to take good photos from a distance.

How does Voice Shutter work?

It is similar to the hand gesture features in the camera app. We all know to click pictures with our smartphones by waving our hands, pointing two fingers at the screen, and showing our palms to the camera. Similarly, this sound shutter also works on the same principle. The only difference is that we call “cheese” to click the pictures.

How to enable Voice Shutter?

Here are simple steps following which one can enable Volume Shutter in any Xiaomi smartphone.

  • Download the latest MIUI Camera app V4.5.000511.0.
  • Install camera apk files from File Manager.
  • Open the MIUI Camera and tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on Voice Shutter.
  • Say “cheese” to automatically take a picture.
How to enable Voice Shutter

Video Tutorial

We hope this helped enable the new shutter sound features in your smartphones! Just a few days ago, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra was spotted with a Leica camera and the new watermark feature was introduced.

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