How to Install Leica Camera Apk on Xiaomi Phones [2023]

Leica Camera is a popular camera app known for its advanced features and exceptional image quality. Some time ago Xiaomi partnered with Leica and launched an app. If you install Leica camera Apk on your Xiaomi device then it will give you a clear and attractive camera result.

The app is designed to work with high-end cameras and it offers a range of settings to help capture the perfect shot. If you have a Xiaomi phone, you can now enjoy the benefits of Leica cameras by installing the app on your device. In this post, we’ll guide you through the steps to install Leica Camera APK on your Xiaomi phone, so you can start taking stunning photos right away.

What is Leica Camera Apk on Xiaomi Phone

This is a camera app for Xiaomi phones developed by Leica Camera AG, a famous German optics manufacturer. The app offers advanced camera features and new algorithms for image processing that are optimized for high-end cameras. By installing Leica APK on Xiaomi phones, users can take advantage of Leica’s expertise in optics and photography to take stunning photos with their devices and enhance the image quality of their photos.

This App offers a range of controls for the camera, such as manual focus, exposure, ISO, and shutter speed, as well as image stabilization algorithms, HDR support, and a customizable user interface. Using the app, Xiaomi phone users.

NameMIUI Leica Camera
Latest VersionV5.0.000810.2
DeveloperXiaomi Inc.
Size175 MB

Leica Camera Features

  • Advanced Camera Controls: The app provides access to advanced camera controls including manual focus, exposure, ISO, and shutter speed, allowing you to modify and control your final image.
  • Image Processing: Leica Camera APK uses advanced image processing algorithms to produce high-quality photos with accurate colors and sharp details.
  • Proprietary Image Format: The application uses a unique .dng format, which saves more image information and provides a higher level of detail relative to other image formats. Which is easy to change.
  • Customizable Settings: The app offers a range of customizable settings, so you can change the camera’s behavior to your liking.
  • Advanced Image Stabilization: The app uses advanced image stabilization algorithms to reduce blur and stabilize your photos. So your images always come sharp and look attractive.
  • Easy to use: Although this app has advanced features, Leica Camera APK is designed to be easy to use with a simple interface and intuitive controls.
  • Available for different devices: The app is available for a range of different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, allowing you to take advantage of its features on any device you own.
Leica Camera Features
How to Install Leica Camera Apk on Xiaomi Phones [2023]

How to Download and Install MIUI Leica Camera Apk

  • Download Leica Camera App from the below link
  • Go to your file manager and install it on your device
  • Open this App and grant all necessary permissions
  • Now, you are ready to take a picture with this app
Latest VersionDownload Link


How to enable Leica Watermark in the app

To enable the Leica watermark, Go to settings > watermark > Enable Leica Watermark

That’s it! You now enjoy capturing stunning photos with this camera app on your Xiaomi phone! Whether you’re a professional photographer or just want to take high-quality photos with your Xiaomi phone, the Leica Camera app is definitely worth it.

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