How To Record On YouTube TV [Live Shows, Sports & More]

Unsure how to record on YouTube TV? YouTube TV allows the use of its Digital Video Recorder (DVR) feature to record an unlimited number of movies, shows, live sports events, and more.

YouTube TV is a great US-based streaming platform, specially tailored for those transitioning from traditional cable networks. Plus, you can Share Your YouTube TV Account with Family Members Across Various US Locations.

Why Record on YouTube TV? It allows you to save your favorite TV shows, movies, NFL Sunday ticket games and enables you to record future shows on YouTube TV as well.

Discover a comprehensive guide below on how to record, and watch recorded shows, delete them after viewing, and everything else you need to know about YouTube TV.

Benefits of YouTube TV Recording:

  • Enjoy your live shows anytime, anywhere
  • Recorded shows don’t take up space on your DVR
  • Store unlimited videos without additional YouTube TV Payments
  • Recordings are stored for 9 months
  • Schedule set for live shows

How Does YouTube TV DVR Work

YouTube TV’s DVR operates on cloud-based services, allowing you to record live and on-demand content for later viewing.

YouTube TV DVR records your shows in the cloud, and you can access them from any device that supports YouTube TV, such as your iPhone, computer, or iPad. However, you will need a stable internet connection. Note that the DVR feature is termed “Library” in the YouTube TV app.

How to Record on YouTube TV

While you can’t record single episodes and must record full shows, the unlimited storage ensures this isn’t a hassle. Here’s how to record on YouTube TV in the USA:

How to Record Shows on YouTube TV:

Open YouTube TV Website on your computer
  • Click on the Search icon and find your content.
Click on the search icon on youtube tv
  • Select your shows and click on the “Add to Library” button.
Select your youtube tv shows and click on Add to Library

YouTube TV will start recording shows in the background – a high-speed internet connection is needed.

YouTube TV Recording Started into your library

How to Record Live Sports Events on YouTube TV (Sunday Ticket Games):

Recording live shows on YouTube TV is slightly different; follow the steps below:

  • Open the YouTube TV app and click on the “Live” section.
Click on the live section on youtube tv
  • Choose your show and play it.
Select Live Show on YouTube TV
  • Pause the video and select the “+” symbol to start recording.
Click on the plus icon to record live shows on youtube tv

Your current live show and future shows on YouTube TV will be recorded until you stop it

How to Watch Recorded Shows on YouTube TV

If you’ve recorded a show and want to watch it on YouTube TV, follow these steps:

  • Open the YouTube TV app on your device and Go to “Library.”
Click on the YouTube TV Library options
  • Scroll to the last and go to the recording section.
Recording section on youtube tv app
  • Choose your show or event to watch

Note: All your recorded videos will be available on your device and will be stored for 9 months before disappearing.

How to Stop Recording on YouTube TV

To stop recording on YouTube TV, follow these steps:

  • Open YouTube TV and Go to the “Library.”
Click on the YouTube TV Library options
  • Select the show you want to delete or stop recording.
select your youtube tv show
  • Click on the checkmark “Added to library” icon; your recording will stop.
Click on the checkmark icon on youtube tv recording

While new shows will not be recorded in the future, older recorded videos will remain in your account. These old recordings will automatically be removed after nine months.

stopped recording new episodes in youtube tv

Wrap Up

We hope this simple guide assists you in recording shows on YouTube TV. Execute these steps from various devices, like Apple TV and Roku. If you encounter any issues while recording, please contact the YouTube TV support team or drop your query for swift assistance from our team.

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