iOS 17: How to Send Passwords Directly through iMessage on iPhone

Send Passwords Directly through iMessage

Apple has unveiled a plethora of new features in the iMessage app with iOS 17. You no longer need to switch to other apps and interrupt your conversation to send passwords directly through iMessage on your iPhone. With these cutting-edge iOS 17 features, you can easily insert contacts and passwords directly into iMessage.

In addition, Apple has announced a new iOS 17 feature known as Family Password Sharing, which comes in handy when you trust someone enough to add them to your family group. But what if you need to share passwords for your client’s work or specific projects? This is where the new iMessage AutoFill Password function is a game-changer, allowing you to effortlessly share your saved passwords with others using the iPhone Messages app.

What are AutoFill Passwords in iMessage?

Autofill Passwords in iMessage is an innovative iOS 17 feature, that allows you to share your saved passwords securely and quickly with others via the Messages app.

How to Send Passwords through iMessage

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone and select the conversation where you want to share passwords.
Select Conversation on iPhone Messages app
  • Tap the text box below.
Tap on Text Box in iPhone messages app
  • Tap the text box again, and a new “AutoFill” pop-up will appear; click on it.
Click on AutoFill in Apple messages app
  • A new pop-up appears with three options; click on “Passwords.”
Select Passwords under apple messages app
  • Authenticate yourself using FaceID or your passcode.
verify Face ID in apple messages app
  • Once done, your password page will open. Browse the password list and select the one you wish to send.
Select your passwords to share in iMessage
  • Tap the chosen password, and the next screen will display usernames & passwords. Tap on the username & password to continue.
choose user name and password to share with others in apple message
  • The selected username and passwords are now added to the text box. Tap the blue arrow button to send the password directly through iMessage on your iPhone.
username and password ready to share in apple message

That’s all there is to it! You can send multiple passwords using this same process, and this method also facilitates inserting contacts and sharing with others.

Can I Unsend Shared Passwords?

Absolutely! With iOS 17’s “Undo Send” feature, you can retract your message within 2 minutes. If you mistakenly send a password to someone, simply use the unsend option to erase your message. Here’s how:

  • Open the conversation where you sent the passwords.
Select Conversation on iPhone Messages app
  • Long-press the passwords until a pop-up appears.
Tap and Hold password in apple message
  • Tap on “Undo Send.”
Undo Send your passwords in apple message

Voila! Your message is now removed from the other person’s chat.

Note: The password sharing and unsend options only work on iOS 17. If your device is running iOS 16 or older, these features will not work.

If you plan on sharing multiple passwords with family members or friends, consider using Apple’s Family Password features in iOS 17. It offers a robust and secure environment for safeguarding your privacy.