How to Send Voice Messages on iOS 16

Send Voice Message on iOS 16

If you are Looking For How to Send Voice Messages on iOS 16 then this post is for you. In iOS 16, Apple has made a much-welcome change to Messages, allowing you to record messages hands-free without having to keep your finger on the screen throughout the recording.

With iOS 16, Apple separated the sound-informing capability from the Messages application into its own iMessage application located in the Messages application dock. A new iMessage app has been added to the Messages dock to house the audio messages feature, which previously resided in the Messages app. The waveform icon is displayed in the app, rather than next to the text field where users type their messages.

In iMessage, this button is still there, however, it’s for iOS 16’s correspondence feature. This composes messages by listening to a client’s talk and converting it into a message. It is still possible to send audio messages through iMessage. Follow these to Send Voice messages on iOS 16,

How to Send Voice Messages on iOS 16 with Message App

Step 1

Send Voice Message on iOS 16 Go to Message App

Tap the iMessage app dock and select the Messages app.

Step 2

Click on Recording Button

Record your voice message by tapping on the red microphone that appears on the screen, here you can stop and restart the voice recording with this button.

Step 3

Click on Share Button

You can end the recording by pressing the square displayed on the screen once you’ve finished And Clicking this Button you can send your Voice message

Step 4

Send Voice Message on iOS 16

Alternatively, you can press the blue Send button if you want to listen to your recorded voice message.

Send Voice Messages on iOS 16 with Voice Memos

With the Voice Memos app, you can also send voice messages.

  • On your iPhone, open the Voice Memos app.
  • Record your message on your iPhone, then hit the record button again.
  • Tap the More button, then tap Share to share the voice memo.
  • After selecting Messages, enter your recipient and send the message.
How to Send Voice Messages on iOS 16

M4A files are created when you use Voice Memos to send a recording. The recipient can use whatever audio player they have to listen to it.


How do I send a text message?

1. Launch the Voice app.
2. Then tap Compose from the Messages tab.
3. Select the contact you would like to text from your contacts list.
4. Tap Send after entering your message at the bottom.

How do I send a voice message on iOS 15?

1. Go to Message App.
2. Select Contacts From Contact List.
3. Click on Audio Recording Button Which is next to Type Text.
4. Then Tap on Send Button.

How do I enable voice-to-text on my iPhone?

To Enable Voice to Text Like Youtube Caption.
Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Turn on Enable Dictation

Can you send audio Messages to non-iPhone users?

No, because of Non-iPhone Users Don’t have an iMessage App. That’s why You are not able to transmit them.

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