How To Set Multiple Timers On iOS 17

Apple iOS 17 Multiple Timers

Great news! Apple has released a stunning update to the iPhone’s Clock app in iOS 17, and it’s a complete game-changer! With this latest iOS 17 update, you can now set multiple timers simultaneously, which makes it incredibly convenient and efficient.

It’s like having a personal time management assistant in your pocket! Whether you’re grilling, cramming for exams, or hitting the gym, this feature’s got your back, ensuring you stay on track without any hassle. So, let’s dive into How to set Multiple Timers on an iPhone and what’s the benefit of it.

What Are Multiple Timers on iPhone?

Imagine that you are cooking dinner for your friends. You have nuddles boiling on the stove, cake baking in the oven, and your secret sauce simmering on the stove. Each dish should be cooked for a different amount of time, so you need to set multiple timers. In previous versions of iOS, you could only set one timer at a time. But with iOS 17, you can set Multiple Timers as you need.

What Are Multiple Timers

How to Set Multiple Timers on Your iPhone

To take advantage of the new Apple Multiple Timers features on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  • Locate and open the “Clock” app on your iPhone’s home screen.
Set Apple Multiple Timers Step 1
  • Hit the “Timer” tab, down at the bottom.
Set Apple Multiple Timers Step 2
  • The revamped interface has a couple of cool new sections: “Recent” and “Labels.” “Recent” shows you the timers you’ve rocked recently, while “Labels” lets you name your timers so you can stay organized.
Set Apple Multiple Timers Step 3
  • Dial in your time using the spinners, slap on a label if you want, and then hit “Start.”
Set Apple Multiple Timers Step 4
  • Need another timer while one’s counting down? Just do the same thing again. The Clock app will show all your running timers, making it a breeze to juggle different things at once.
Set Apple Multiple Timers Step 5
  • These timers also pop up in Dynamic Island and show up live on the lock screen in StandBy Mode. That way, you can check ’em without even unlocking your iPhone.
Set Apple Multiple Timers Step 6
  • In case you wish to cancel a timer, swipe it to the left, and it will be promptly deleted.

And voila! You’ve now set multiple timers on your iPhone.

Pros and Cons of the iOS 17 Multiple Timers Feature


  1. No more juggling tasks. Stay on top of different things without any hiccups.
  2. Juggle multiple tasks at the same time, no problem.
  3. Name your timers, so you’re always in the know.


  1. Set a ton of timers, and your iPhone might start feeling like a beehive.
  2. If you skip the labels, you might draw a blank on what each timer’s for.


The Multiple Timers in iOS 17 are a major advance in iPhone functionality. It is a handy feature that can be invaluable in managing multiple tasks efficiently. So, next time you find yourself dealing with different responsibilities, rest assured that the multiple timers in your iPhone can help.