Free Android to iPhone data transfer in 2022

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

If you Buy a New iPhone and don’t know How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone Without any kind of problem, this post is made for you.

Most people are worried about their personal data because any small mistake while transferring data can result in permanent loss of your data. That’s why we’re providing an easy and secure way to transfer your data.

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Precautions Before Starting

Some basic tips to consider before transferring data.

  • Make Sure Both Devices are fully charged
  • Check whether WiFi is on or not on both devices
  • Also, Check iPhone has enough space to transfer data.
  • Download the Move to iOS app from Google Play Store on Android.
  • Erase all iPhone data first.

Transfer Data From Android to iPhone

If you are ready to move Android to iOS, then follow these steps to move or transfer your data without any error.

Step 1: Get started with your Apple device

Get started with your Apple device

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All content and settings and Tap Erase iPhone button. (All existing data will wipe).

1. Turn on your iPhone and place it near your Android device.
2. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your Apple device.
3. Tap on Set Up Manually and follow the instructions. (Activating your SIM might be required.)

Step 2: You can move data from Android by Tap on Move Data

move data from android

Find the Apps & Data screen. Tap On Move Data from Android.
[Note: If you have already finished setup, you must remove your iOS device and start over. If you do not want to remove it, you can manually transfer your content.]

Step 3: The Move to iOS app can be opened

scan QR code & open App

Move to the iOS app on your Android device. Without the move to the iOS app, you can’t transfer data. So first open the scanner app and scan the QR code on a new iOS device. When the terms and conditions appear, tap Continue and read them. To continue, tap Agree.

Step 4: You will receive a code

Receive code on iphone

When you see the move from the Android screen on your iOS device, tap on Continue. Afterward, wait for a six-digit or ten-digit code to appear. When your Android device alerts you that you have a weak internet connection, ignore it.

Step 5: You can use the code

use code on android

Enter this Code on Your Android Device.

Step 6: Establish a temporary Wi-Fi connection

Connect with wi-fi network

A temporary Wi-Fi network will be created on your iOS device. On your Android device, tap Connect when asked to join that network. After you have selected Transfer Data, wait for it to appear on the screen.

Step 7: Wait for your content to appear

wait for completing transfer

Tap Continue after selecting the content you want to transfer. Leave both devices alone until the loading bar appears on your iOS device finishes, even if your Android device shows the process is complete. Connect your devices to power and keep them close together until the transfer is complete. Depending on the amount of content you’re moving, the transfer can take a while.

Step 8: Your iOS device needs to be set up

Set up ios device

Tap Done once the loading bar on your iOS device has finished. To finish the iOS setup, tap Continue on your iOS device and follow the onscreen instructions.

We hope you read and understand this article. use of these steps you are transferred your data to iOS without losing it. This method is working with any iPhone and iPad.

Can I transfer everything from Android to iPhone?

Yes, you can move all your data, also you can transfer Google accounts, messages, contacts, calendars, and camera rollout of all this.

How long does it take to prepare data to transfer from Android to iPhone?

It will take less time according to your file size, Most times take less than 10 minutes.

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