How to Turn on Quiet Mode on Instagram

How to Turn on Quiet Mode on Instagram

Quiet mode on Instagram is a nifty feature that lets you temporarily mute notifications. In this post, I’m gonna walk you through how to turn on and off Quiet mode on Instagram, step by step.

What is Quiet Mode on Instagram

Quiet Mode on Instagram allows users to temporarily mute push notifications and restricts certain app activities, cutting down on distractions and curbing excessive social media use.

Once you flip the switch on “Quiet Mode” on your Instagram profile, your activity status will show “In quiet mode”, and anyone who slides into your direct messages or DMs will get an automated reply.

Why Use Quiet Mode?

  • Reduce distractions: If you’re focusing on a task, but keep getting sidetracked by the constant notifications from the Instagram app, Quiet Mode is just a ticket to reduce distractions and help you stay on point.
  • Limit screen time: If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, Quiet Mode can help you dial it back and prompt you to take a time-out from social media.
  • Promote alertness: This mode can be a useful tool to increase alertness and reduce stress levels by giving you a break from the constant stream of updates and notifications.
  • Maintain privacy: If you’re on the receiving end of notifications that you’d rather keep under wraps, such as sensitive messages or posts, then this mode can help you keep things down low.

Pros & Cons


  • Better privacy
  • Encourages a breather from social media
  • Keeps distractions at bay to stay focused on tasks


  • Risk of missing notifications
  • It may not hit the mark for all users
  • Can be tricky to remember to switch it on

How to Turn on Quiet Mode on Instagram

  • Fire up the Instagram app on your iPhone.
Step 1-Open Instagram app for Quiet Mode
  • Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner to get to your profile page.
Step 2-Click on Profile picture for Quiet Mode on Instagram
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to pull up the menu.
Step 3-Click on three bar for Quiet Mode on Instagram
  • Hit Settings from this menu list.
Step 4-Click on Settings for Quiet Mode on Instagram
  • Tap on Notifications.
Step 5-Click on Notifications for Quiet Mode on Instagram
  • Look for the “Quiet Mode” option and give it a tap.
Step 6-Click on Quiet Mode
  • You can choose to set a timer for Quiet Mode or switch it on manually. If you set a timer, Quiet Mode will automatically switch off once the timer runs out.
Step 7-Set timer for Quiet Mode on Instagram

And that’s the long and short of it! It can help you strike a healthy balance with social media by keeping a handle on your notifications and screen time. By switching it on, you can enjoy a more chilled browsing experience without being hounded by notifications.


How to Turn Off Quiet Mode on Instagram?

To Turn Off Quiet Mode on Instagram, head to Instagram > Settings > Notifications > Quiet Mode > Toggle off this mode.

Which countries can currently access Quiet Mode on Instagram?

The feature is currently up and running for users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with Meta looking to roll it out to other countries in the near future.

Who’s the intended user of Quiet Mode on Instagram?

Quiet mode on Instagram is a one-size-fits-all solution for any user who needs a breather from social media, wants to cut back on distractions, and aims for more mindful use of the app.