How to unlock bootloader on Nothing Phone 1

How to unlock bootloader on Nothing Phone 1

The most hyped phone in 2022 is the Nothing Phone 1. In this tutorial, we will help you to unlock bootloader on Nothing Phone 1 (Spacebar). If you are the buyer of this phone, first congratulations to you and share your first impression of Glyph Lights in the comment box.

If you are new to rooting then you must understand that first, you need to unlock the device bootloader and then install custom recovery like TWRP or Orange Fox to root the device. So, let’s jump directly to the article itself:

What is Bootloader Unlock?

The bootloader is a manufacturer-provided secure code that restricts you from adding new custom codes to the operating system. These are the first steps to entering the world of custom ROMs. Currently, most smartphones are eligible to safely unlock bootloaders and you can customize your phone after root as well.

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Why do we need to unlock the bootloader?

Once you unlock Nothing Phone 1 Bootloader, you can easily root your device. Also, can install the most popular custom ROMs like Pixel Experience, LineageOS, Evolution X, and many more. Nothing phone runs on Nothing OS and therefore has very limited features and customization available, so you can design your phone after unlocking the bootloader.

Advantages of bootloader unlock

  • You can install any custom recovery Like TWRP, and Orange Fox
  • Easy to root your Nothing Phone 1
  • Install custom ROM like Lineage OS, Pixel experience, and more
  • Overclocking device performance
  • Remove bloatware from the device
  • Use custom kernel

Disadvantages of bootloader unlock

  • Warranty voids, after unlocking the bootloader
  • No longer receive the official OTA updates
  • Your phone was bricked if any step is missed
  • Security of the phone is decreased


We highly recommend you to follow all the below steps carefully to avoid bricked smartphones.

  • Download and Install ADB and Fastboot driver from here.
  • Download Platform Tools R33.0.2 from here.
  • Make sure the device is at least 40% charged.
  • Back up all the important data because this method will fully reset the phone.

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Steps to Unlock Bootloader on Nothing Phone 1

It is very easy to unlock bootloader on any phone, but you need to follow all phone steps and all computer steps as well.

Phone Steps

Step 1. Open the Settings app in Nothing Phone 1.

open nothing phone settings app

Step 2. Scroll down the page and tap About phone.

open about phone in nothing phone

Step 3. Now select Software Info and click seven times on Build Number to enable the developer option in Nothing Phone 1.

open software info in nothing phone
to enable developer option in nothing phone, click 7 times on build numbers

Step 4. The next step is to go to the System in the Settings app and open the Developer options.

open system and enable developer options for enable OEM unlocking in nothing phones
enable OEM unlocking for install bootloader files

Step 5. Next, enable OEM unlocking and allow USB debugging.

how to enable developer option in nothing phone 1
nothing phone 1 usb debugging enable in developer options

Step 6. Now you need to turn off your device and start in fast boot mode.

nothing phone 1 power menu

Step 7. How to Enable FastBoot Mode in Nothing Phone 1: After your phone is turned off, long press the Volume Down and Power button for 10 seconds to enter fast boot mode)

nothing phone 1 boot screen
nothing phone 1 fastboot mode enable by pressing volume down and power key for 10s

Now, all the phone steps are completed. You just need to connect Nothing Phone to your computer and carefully follow all the computer steps below to unlock the device.

PC Steps

Step 1. First, open the ADB driver on your computer and press Y three times to continue.

install adb driver in computer
run adb drivers in pc

Step 2. After the Device Driver Installation Wizard new pop-up opens, click the Next button twice to continue.

install adb driver successful

Step 3. Now, extract the R33.0.2 Zip platform files on your computer (download from the above link).

extract platform tools

Step 4. Run the CMD command from the platform-tools folder.

run cmd in computer

Step 5. Now first, run these commands: fastboot flashing unlock

run commands: fastboot flashing unlock

Step 6. Check Nothing Phone: Select the second option “Unlock the Bootloader” by volume down key and press the power button to select options.

unlock bootloader on Nothing Phone 1 in pc step 6a
nothing phone 1 fastboot screen while unlocked device

Step 7. Finally, the bootloader is unlocked in Nothing Phone 1 and your device will automatically reboot twice and turn on.

nothing phone 1 bootloader is unlocked

Special Thanks to Technobuzznet (Rajesh Rajput)

Video Tutorials on Bootloader Guide

Hope this guide can help you unlock Nothing Phone 1 easily, securely, and in an official way. Please let us know in the comments if this guide was helpful and also comment below if you face any issues with any of the above steps.

IMG Source: Technobuzznet (Rajesh Rajput)