iPhone 14 Plus hands-on review – should you buy or not?

iPhone 14 Plus Blue 128GB review

How are you Friends? Finally, I received the new iPhone 14 Plus from the Apple Store in India on the very first day and will give you a full review of it in today’s post. I have been with this phone for more than 24 hours so I will tell you what my opinion is and whether you should buy this iPhone 14 Plus or not.

iPhone 14 Plus hands-on review

Apple announced the new iPhone 14 Plus in the market on September 7 and it comes with a much bigger battery and a 6.7-inch bigger screen. The phone looks exactly like the iPhone 14, with 2 cameras at the back and a 12MP selfie camera at the front.

iPhone 14 Plus hands-on review

Big Screen

The iPhone 14 Plus has the same 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Brightness is a maximum of 800 nits during normal usage and offers a maximum peak brightness of 1200 nits in HDR video playback.

iPhone 14 Plus front look


Talking about the dimensions of the phone, its width is 3.07-inches, height is 6.33-inches and depth is 0.31-inches while its weight is 203 grams which are more than iPhone 14 and less than iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Furthermore, talking about splash, water, and dust resistance, it can stay up to a maximum depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes.

Giant Battery

When I buy this phone it had 70% battery, after I used it for 24 hours it still had 30% battery left. So from that, you can estimate how giant the battery is of this phone. Apple claims that if you watch videos continuously, then 20 hours, and if you just listen to music, the phone will last for 100 hours, i.e. 4 days.

iPhone 14 Plus Battery performances

Camera Performance

Now talking about camera performance, iPhone 14 Plus has the same good camera as iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. It has a 12MP dual camera on the back. The first main camera comes with a 12MP ƒ/1.5 aperture and sensor-shift optical image stabilization (OIS), while the second camera comes with a 12MP ultra-wide lens.

iPhone is always very popular for its camera, which will not let you down in this phone. Now the front selfie camera comes with autofocus which will help you a lot in taking group selfies and videos. For the first time, Apple has launched the Photonic Engine with the iPhone 14 series, which automatically takes your photos to the next level.

iPhone 14 Plus camera performances

Video Performance

Now let’s talk about my favorite feature which is the video performance. For the first time, the iPhone brings an action camera that records very stable videos. It comes in handy when shooting any moving video.

You can shoot videos at 4K 60FPS which gives really great quality output. There are improvements in other areas like Cinematic mode now goes up to 4K 30fps. There’s also a 24fps mode for those who want a more cinematic look.

iPhone 14 Plus Price

What are you waiting for, what is the price of this new iPhone 14 Plus? So here is the price according to the variant of the phone.

The iPhone 14 Plus in India starts at ₹89,900 for the entry-level model, which comes with 128GB of storage. Going up to the 256GB storage tier will cost you ₹10,000 more, bringing the base price to ₹99,900. Up to 512GB of storage adds ₹30,000 to the base version and costs ₹1,19,900. The 1TB option, available only on the Pro model, tops out at ₹1,29,900.

iPhone 14 Plus Blue 128GB review

Should You Buy iPhone 14 Plus or not?

I took this phone for my personal use, so I will tell you the truth. If your budget is less than 1 lakh and you are looking for a phone with a large display and a battery life of 1 day or more, you can go with the iPhone 14 Plus.