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Hello MiUi Users,

So, this post is for new latest xiaomi global beta updates MiUi 10 8.9.6 , Which means MiUi 10 6 September 2018. I hope you are watching my video and after visiting this site, so thank you so much for watching this video.

Finally, this updates are rollout up to their time and it is available for all xiaomi device. Last two updates are suspends due to some very big bugs. Duel application are not work properly that is why last update will be suspended.

So here, I will give all device latest MiUi 10 link so you can download from given link and install it. If any kind of problem are created, so please visit my Instagram Page and with Screenshot share your problem (Instagram).

If you do not know how to update miui 9 to miui 10, so visit, our YouTube channel and I will make one video for this topic so you can know everything about this updates.

Here I will show you what is new features are coming in our latest MiUi 10 updates, so check it out.

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MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.9.6 Full Changelog
Fix – Notification cannot be cleared.
Fix – Texts translation error in First aid.
Fix – Panorama mode doesn’t work. (Redmi Note 5)
Fix – Camera has stopped. (Redmi Note 5)
Fix – Some app icons aren’t showing in notification panel
Fix – WhatsApp and Telegram Showing double notifications for Single Message
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MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.9.6 Download Links

(1) Redmi 3S
Recovery 1284M 

(2) Redmi Note 4
Recovery 1415M 

(3) Redmi 4X
Recovery 1317M

(4) Redmi Note 5 Pro
Recovery 1322M