Latest MIUI 12.5 Update Download [July 2023]

MIUI 12.5 Update Download

MIUI 12.5 is the 13th version of the operating system for Xiaomi devices and was launched in December 2021. MIUI 12.5 Update is designed only for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices and is known for its simplicity, speed, and security. Version number 12.5 indicates that it is an incremental update to MIUI 12, with improved performance and new features added.

Xiaomi released a new stable update of MIUI 12.5 for most phones. If you haven’t found this update yet, you can download it from the link below. It might be possible your device received the new MIUI 13 Update or MIUI 14 Update, so please check before downloading MIUI 12.5 firmware.

Download MIUI 12.5 Update

Mi 1012.5.4.0 RJBINXMRecovery ROM RJBMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 10 Lite12.5.6.0 RJIMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 10 Pro12.5.2.0 RJAMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 10i12.5.5.0 RJSINXMRecovery ROM
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro12.5.4.0 RJDINXMRecovery ROM RJDMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 10T-Lite12.5.9.0 RJSMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 1112.5.11.0 RKBMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 11 Lite 4G12.5.4.0 RKQINXMRecovery ROM RKQMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 11 Lite 5G12.5.7.0 RKIMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 11 Ultra12.5.6.0 RKAINXMRecovery ROM RKAMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 11i12.5.4.0 RKKMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 11X12.5.7.0 RKHINXMRecovery ROM
Mi 11X Pro12.5.5.0 RKKINXMRecovery ROM
Mi 912.5.1.0 RFAMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 9 Lite12.5.2.0 RFCMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 9 SE12.5.1.0 RFBMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi 9T Pro12.5.2.0 RFKMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi Note 10 / Note 10 Pro12.5.6.0 RFDMIXMRecovery ROM
Mi Note 10 Lite12.5.7.0 RFNMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO C3112.5.4.0 RCRINRFRecovery ROM
POCO F2 Pro12.5.6.0 RJKMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO F312.5.6.0 RKHMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO F3 GT12.5.7.0 RKJINXMRecovery ROM
POCO M212.5.7.0 RJRINXMRecovery ROM
POCO M2 Pro12.5.6.0 RJPINXMRecovery ROM
POCO M312.5.6.0 RJFINXMRecovery ROM RJFMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO M3 Pro12.5.6.0 RKSMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO M3 Pro 5G12.5.4.0 RKSINXMRecovery ROM
POCO M4 Pro 5G12.5.9.0 RGBMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO X212.5.7.0 RGHINXMRecovery ROM
POCO X312.5.8.0 RJGINXMRecovery ROM
POCO X3 GT12.5.8.0 RKPMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO X3 NFC12.5.8.0 RJGMIXMRecovery ROM
POCO X3 Pro12.5.6.0 RJUINXMRecovery ROM RJUMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 1012.5.10.0 RKUMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 10 Prime12.5.10.0 RKUINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 10A12.5.13.0 RCZINXMRecovery ROM RCZCNXMRecovery ROM RCZRUXMRecovery ROM RCZEUXMRecovery ROM RCZIDXMRecovery ROM RCZMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 7A12.5.1.0 QCMINXMRecovery ROM QCMMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 812.5.2.0 QCNINXMRecovery ROM QCNMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 8A12.5.2.0 QCPINXMRecovery ROM QCPMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 8A Dual12.5.6.0 QCQINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 912.5.6.0 RJCMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9 / 9 Activ12.5.6.0 RCTINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9 Power12.5.9.11 RJQINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9 Prime12.5.5.0 RJCINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9A SportV12.0.26.0 QCDINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9AV12.5.21.0 RCDCNXMRecovery ROM RCDMIXMRecovery ROM
V12.0.15.0 QCDIDXMRecovery ROM
V12.5.22.0 RCDCNXMRecovery ROM RCDINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9CV12.0.23.0 QCRMIXMRecovery ROM RCRMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9C NFC12.5.3.0 RCSMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi 9T12.5.14.0 RJQMIXMRecovery ROM RJQEUXMRecovery ROM
Redmi K20 Pro12.5.1.0 RFKINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 1012.5.6.0 RKGINXMRecovery ROM RKGMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 10 Lite12.5.10.0 RJWINRFRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 10 Pro12.5.9.0 RKFMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 10 Pro / Pro Max12.5.10.0 RKFINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 10S12.5.20.0 RKLINXMRecovery ROM RKLMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G12.5.7.0 RKTMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 11T 5G12.5.13.0 RGBINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 7 / 7S12.5.1.0 QFGINXMRecovery ROM QFGMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 7 Pro12.5.1.0 QFHINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 812.5.2.0 RCOINXMRecovery ROM RCOMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 8 202112.5.9.0 RCUMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 8 Pro12.5.10.0 RGGINXMRecovery ROM RGGMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 8T12.5.6.0 RCXMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 912.5.6.0 RJOINXMRecovery ROM RJOMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 9 Pro12.5.5.0 RJWINXMRecovery ROM RJWINXMRecovery ROM RJZMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max12.5.6.0 RJXINXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 9S12.5.6.0 RJWMIXMRecovery ROM
Redmi Note 9T12.5.8.0 RJEMIXMRecovery ROM
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE12.5.5.0 RKOINXMRecovery ROM RKOMIXMRecovery ROM
Xiaomi 11i 5G12.5.7.0 RKTINFKRecovery ROM
Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge12.5.6.0 RKTINXMRecovery ROM
Xiaomi 11T12.5.9.0 RKWMIXMRecovery ROM
Xiaomi 11T Pro12.5.2.0 RKDINXMRecovery ROM RKDMIXMRecovery ROM
Xiaomi Pad 512.5.11.0 RKXMIXMRecovery ROM

How to Download and Install MIUI 12.5 Update

To download the MiUi 12.5 stable update to your devices, follow these steps

  • Download Recovery ROM from a website
  • Open the About Phone section in the Settings app
  • Click on the MIUI Version button
  • Tap the MIUI logo 5 times to open hidden settings
  • Click on the Settings icon in the right corner
  • Tap on Choose Update package option
  • Select the downloaded file from File Manager
  • Wait for the file to decrypt
  • Click on Reboot my device and wait for the update to finish
  • Your phone will restart and you can check that the new MIUI 12.5 version is ready.

Caution: Ensure you select the appropriate MIUI update file based on your Xiaomi device’s code name and Region. Manual installation of MIUI updates poses a risk and may harm your device if not executed correctly.

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