MiUi 12 Control Center For MiUi 11 New Update

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miui 12 control center in miui 11 (2)
miui 12 control center in miui 11 (2)

Hey MIUI Users,
Today I will be going to share one application that converts your miui 11 supported Xiaomi devices to miui 12 control center. If you can try on your device please download this app on your mobile phone and install it. This is a new version update if you have an issue in old version then you can try new latest updates.

MiUi 12 Control Center PREVIEW

Compatibility: All Android Device

Designer: Treydev Inc

Size4.3 MB



We are tried this app on Redmi Note 6 Pro running MIUI, and they all worked perfectly. However, some themes might not be support devices with a 16:9 screen ratio, and you may have problems for this reason. Therefore, you can restart your device after applying this theme.


  1. First, click on download.
  2. Install in your xiaomi device.
  3. Apply all permission to this device
  4. Run background allow permission
  5. Enjoy it!!
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